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Beta Cafe, TIT Creative Park - Beta Cafe - inside the TIT Creative Park, 397 Xingang Zhong Lu (Kecun Metro Exit A) Guangzhou, 510000 Guangzhou
Tue, Feb 27, 2018, 6:30 PM (CST)

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Co-Founder, Genaro Network, and author of China 4.0 

Jason Inch is a Shanghai-based technology entrepreneur who is using blockchain to connect the world with his startup Genaro Network, where he is a co-founder and strategic lead. He is also an independent economist who has been studying China since 1992 and has written several books about China’s economy, including his most recent series called China 4.0 and its first volume, The Man, the Plan, the Dream.

In 2008, Jason co-authored Supertrends of Future China, a macroeconomic trend and business book published in more than 20 countries by World Scientific Publishing. In 2012, Jason published China’s Economic Supertrends, based on the 2008 book he co-authored, concerning the macroeconomic trends of China until 2018 and is written for executives, investors and professionals considering their China strategies. (For more information, please visit the China Supertrends website.)

In 2013, he established LOHAUS, a Shanghai-based social enterprise; also a coworking and event space. Meaning a Loft (and a Lifestyle) of Health and Urban Sustainability, the members, staff and investors are all aiming for a greater social impact in their work and personal lives. At LOHAUS, Jason hosted events which promote awareness and action on environment and sustainable urban living. He has also written the ideas and concepts behind LOHAUS into a new book, also titled LOHAUS, available now online and direct from publishers in North America and China. For more information:

In 2014, for his work in sustainability at LOHAUS, Jason was the recipient of the Shanghai International Excellence Award from the Shanghai Daily / International Channel Shanghai, and also the Emerging Leaders Award for Community Advancement from his MBA alma mater, the Richard Ivey School of Business.

In 2015, Jason was a speaker at the TEDxSuzhou on the topic of the Future of Globalization for an audience of more than 400 people. He was also a judge in the 2015 Startup Weekend Shanghai entrepreneurship competition.

Jason’s newest project is the China 4.0 series of books on China’s economic and social development from 2017 until 2025 and beyond. He is also working on technologies combining blockchain with sustainability concepts from his LOHAUS philosophy to create solutions for planet-wide verifiable change.

Jason speaks frequently at industry, educational, and public forums on China's role in the global economy, its environment, and its business opportunities, including sustainability and innovation. He has spoken to more than 30 EMBA and MBA programs globally on their China study tours.

Genaro Network联合创始人,《China 4.0》的作者

Jason Inch (殷敬棠) 是一位上海技术型企业的创业家。他所做的是通过区块链将世界与创业公司Genaro Network连接起来。Jason是该项目的联合创始人之一及战略负责人。 同时,他也是自1992年以来一直研究中国的独立经济学家,曾撰写过多本关于中国经济的书籍,包括他最近的中国4.0系列作品及其第一卷“伟人,规划与梦想”。


2013年,殷敬棠创立了他的第一家社会企业——乐豪斯, 一家通过举办各项活动和倡议,促进并激发人们对于环境和可持续生活的意识和行动的社企。他同时在乐豪斯这三个字背后的想法和概念写进他的一本新书 ―《乐豪斯》,在北美以及中国的出版商均有销售。 更多信息可关注乐豪斯的微信号:LOHAUS乐豪斯

2014年,由于他在乐豪斯所做的一系列可持续发展工作,Jason获得了上海日报/国际频道的上海国际优秀奖,并且还获得了他的MBA母校加拿大西安大略大学毅伟商学院 (Richard Ivey School of Business)的“新兴领袖奖”。




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Time: 2018-2-27 (Tue), 6:30PM-9:00PM




Beta Cafe - inside the TIT Creative Park, 397 Xingang Zhong Lu (Kecun Metro Exit A)


Language: English for th interview



Tuesday, Feb 27
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (CST)


Beta Cafe, TIT Creative Park
Beta Cafe - inside the TIT Creative Park, 397 Xingang Zhong Lu (Kecun Metro Exit A) Guangzhou510000

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