Cash Lee 李秉骏 (Kiwi - 留白/用家)

Jun 26, 2016, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

E-Coffee e杯咖啡, 2nd Floor, Sport Theme Restaurant, Zhong Qiao Hui, Tianhe Sport Center, Guangzhou, 510000

Cash Lee, a geek, an entrepreneur, and a developer, founded Kiwi which got funds from Matrix Partners China in 2014, responsible for 用家 and 留白 (both are pic editing apps), with experience in the early period of WebGL and developing hybrid app. The apps 用家 & 留白 both have been recommended by Apple Store and Tech Media.

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CashLee的身份包括Geek,创业者和开发者。Kiwi联合创始人,负责用家,留白等移动应用的产品方向和开发,Kiwi团队曾在2014年获得经纬中国投资。同时,他是国内早期WebGL开发者之一,并具有复杂的混合应用开发以及架构经验。负责的产品曾获得Apple以及多个媒体的推荐。同时也是多个开源项目的贡献者之一。目前主要关注AI,IoT,OpenCV,云计算等。喜欢玩Raspberry Pi,Arduino,以及Drone的相关产品。长期活跃于移动开发,Drone开发,以及开源社区。热爱挖掘新奇趣的东西,并希望能够做点有意思的产品,带给人欢乐。

CashLee, a geek, an entrepreneur and a developer, founded Kiwi which got funding from Matrix Partners China in 2014. Responsible for 用家 and 留白 (both are pic editing apps), With experience in early period of WeGL and developing hybrid app. APP 用家 & 留白 both have been recommended by Apple Store and Tech Media.

Now CashLee studies AI, IoT, OpenCV and cloud computing. He is fond of products like Raspberry Pi,Arduino and Drone, comunities of mobile and Drone developing and enjoys coming up with new idea and making interesting product.

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  • Cash Lee 李秉骏

    Kiwi - 留白/用家


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