Fintech Innovation: Monetise in Bigger Pools & Reduce Risk for Startups

Nov 13, 2021, 5:30 – 9:00 AM


Ketuo Space, No.149 Huangpu Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, 510000

INNOVATION HIVE: Improve Impact, Reduce Risk, Monetise in Bigger Pools​|Startup Grind Guangzhou

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Jason Alleyne

Besurance Corporation

Jason is the Co-founder of an insurtech startup, Besurance Corporation, where he leads Innovation, Research, and Product development. Since 2017, has been contributing to innovation projects at Cookhouse lab in Toronto. Jason was trained in the innovation process by John Sutherland, one of the co-developers of the book and program Business Model Generation and founder of the ENNOVA.

Besurance is one of only 5 start-ups ever that have purchased an insurance company and holds patent-approved IP in mutual risk-sharing.

Jason 是保险科技初创公司 Besurance Corporation 的联合创始人,负责领导创新、和研究产品。 自 2017 年以来,一直为多伦多 Cookhouse 创新实验室做出贡献。Jason在由John Sutherland创办的创新过程培训中受训,John SutherlandJohn Sutherland是该书和商业模式的共同开发者之一,也是ENNOVA的创始人。Besuran ce 是有史以来仅有的 5 家收购保险公司并在风险共担淋雨中获批专利IP的初创企业之一。

Cofounded his insurtech startup Besurance Corporation in Canada in 2013, to develop insurance 2.0 business models.

Besurance successfully purchased an insurer, Fenchurch General in Canada, in 2019.

Recently, Jason moved to Asia and has focused on creating AI and insurtech solutions for Small independent restaurants, called which helps to rank and improve the financial wellness of the restaurants and healthy eating habits of the customers.

Now living in Shanghai, Jason has expanded his insurtech thought leadership across the Greater China area, with recent engagements with SaveMoney a digital insurer aspirant in Vietnam, Dantrisoft a 7,000 restaurant Point-of-Sales system in Vietnam, Culpass a Taiwanese startup that organizes innovative culture exchange events and CanCan an accountancy/CFO for the F&B industry in Shanghai.

在2013 年,在加拿大共同创立了他的保险科技初创公司 Besurance Corporation,以开发保险 2.0 商业模式。

-Besurance于2019年成功收购加拿大保险公司Fenchurch General。

- 最近,Jason 移居亚洲,专注于为小型独立餐厅创建人工智能和保险科技解决方案,称为


- 现在居住在上海,Jason 在大中华地区扩大了他的保险科技思想领导力,最近与越南的数字保险公司 SaveMoney、越南的 7,000 家餐厅销售点系统 Dantrisoft、台湾初创公司 Culpass 建立了合作关系,创新文化交流活动和上海餐饮业会计/CFO CanCan。

活动信息 | Event Info

时间: 2021年11月13日(周六)1:30pm - 5:00pm


语言: 英语







Time: Nov, 13, 2021 (Saturday), 1:30pm - 5:00pm

Location: KETUO Co-working Space, No.149 Huangpu Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China

Language: English

Anti-Epidemic Measures:

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Face masks are required.

If you left Guangdong recently, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND THE EVENT.

Contact the organizer, and we will refund the ticket for you. Tel: 13060601603

活动安排 | Event Agenda

1:30 pm-2:00 PM Sign-in 签到

2:00 pm -2:15 pm Opening Intro 开场介绍

2:15 pm -2:30 pm Venue Intro 场地方介绍

2:30 pm-4:00 PM INNOVATION HIVE Workshop 商业创新工作坊

4:00 pm-5:00 PM Networking 自由交流+资源链接

Startup Grind活动致力于构建更好的创业者交流平台,因此我们鼓励参与者能够在活动中认识新朋友,以便于以后互相帮助。

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Saturday, November 13, 2021
5:30 AM – 9:00 AM UTC


  • Javen Zheng

    Link Trust Capital

    Startup Grind Guangzhou Chapter Director

  • Matias Mann

    E-Commerce Industry Leader / Co-Director

  • Chance Jiang

    Startup Grind Guangzhou Advisor

  • Carel van Apeldoorn

    Startup Grind Guangzhou Advisor

  • Adeh DeSandies

    Startup Grind China

    Startup Grind Guangzhou Mentor

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