Kelly Yan 颜海冰 (Heqian Capital)

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颜海冰是和骞投资合伙人、副总裁,她曾服务国内一流的大型互联网企业、电商平台企业,负责市场营销管理,她坚持高效、专业的工作方式、享受压力、热爱生活。 从业16年来,Kelly积累了广泛深厚的市场、媒体、政府机构、慈善公益资源,见证参与企业从 9 亿元营收规模迈向 75 亿元,利润 30 亿元。 Kelly善长资源整合,熟悉互联网、移动互联网、电商企业运作,具有战略制定与领导实施的实力。Kelly所拥有的营销渠道、合作人脉、电商人才等资源,能帮助企业电商销售带来翻倍增长。

Kelly Yan is Partner and Vice President at Heqian Capital. She’s been working in China’s leading Internet and e-commerce companies as marketing and sales chief. Over her year career, Kelly has accumulated extensive and in-depth resources in marketing, media, government and charitable organizations. From her experience at 51Job,, and VIPSHOP, she's seen incredible growth both on a personal and corporate level, moving from marketing associate to marketing director, and now seasoned venture capitalist.



Saturday, May 28
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (CST)


E-Coffee e杯咖啡
2nd Floor, Sport Theme Restaurant, Zhong Qiao Hui, Tianhe Sport Center Guangzhou510000

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