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Kim is the founder of ParkLU, a KOL marketing platform connecting brands with WeChat, Weibo and video creators. After moving to China in 2010, Kim successfully built a digital marketing agency for cross-border e-commerce. Realizing the effectiveness (and challenges) of KOLs, Kim decided to combine data-driven technology with community know-how, so brands can easily match, manage and measure KOL campaigns in days, not weeks.

Kim是ParkLU的创始人,ParkLU是将品牌与微信微博和视频创作者连接起来的KOL营销平台。 Kim在2010年搬到中国后成功建立了跨境电子商务数字营销机构。 Kim认识到KOL的有效性(和挑战),决定将数据驱动技术与社区知识结合在一起,因此品牌可以在几天内(而不是几周)轻松匹配,管理和测量KOL广告系列。



Thursday, May 18
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (CST)


3W OFFICE 广州云顶店
3W OFFICE 广州云顶店——广州市海珠区广州大道南254号云顶同创汇创库层(负二层) Guangzhou510000

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