Janos Barberis (CFTE)

Thursday, May 7, 2020, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM UTC

The 3C of FinTech & RegTech: Customer Centric Compliance. Learn from Janos Barberis, one of the true icons of the Hong Kong FinTech startup ecosystem. Janos will help us demystify common beliefs surrounding the red-tape and FinTech startups at the 64th Startup Grind in Hong Kong. The Fireside Chat will be followed by a panel with Simon Wong and Nick Roberts.

About this event

Janos Barberis is one of the true icons of the Hong Kong FinTech startup ecosystem. 

Who better to help us demystify some of the commonly held beliefs around the red-tape surrounding compliance obligations of FinTech and RegTech startups.

Janos very aptly summarises the requirements on a FinTech startup as the 3C's of FinTech and RegTech: Customer Centric Compliance.

Join us on the 7th of May at 19:00 HKT for the 64th Startup Grind event in Hong Kong: 

  • Come and get a better understanding of the regulatory environment in which FinTec startups need to operate
  • Understand the importance of Customer Centric Compliance for startups and customers alike
  • Learn some of the methods for FinTech's to voice their concerns with their regulatory counterparts

The Fireside Chat, lead by Amrit Sethi, is followed by a practical panel to which Janos and his team from CFTE have invited::

The goal of the panel is to have an open discussion about how to provide the best Customer Experience while still being 100% Compliant.

The goal is also to find what actions to take to improve on common pain points and at the same time, strengthen the value proposition of any FinTech startup, from whom compliance is a must. 

A Virtual Networking Event on Remo:

For the 64th Startup Grind in Hong Kong, we will use Hong Kong's own virtual meeting startup Remo. If you have not tried Remo you have to - you will be able to meet people at virtual tables, just like an in-person Startup Grind event.

Please RSVP for a ticket today, and you will get a link to Remo by e-mail. 

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Thursday, May 7, 2020
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM UTC


11:00 AMFireside Chat with Janos Barberis
11:30 AMFinTech panel discussing the 3C of RegTech and FinTech
12:00 PMVirtual Networking on Remo