Work Less, Live More - Mandy Pao - The Aligned Entrepreneurs

Jun 27, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Hong Kong

Redefine success and create a business that aligns with your core values!

Virtual event


About this event

Work Less, Live More

Redefine Success - Find your Future of Work

Join us for an inspiring session with Mandy Pao, founder of The Aligned Entrepreneurs, as she shares her journey and philosophy on redefining success.

Discover how to work less, earn more, and live a life that resonates with your true purpose, embodying the Future of Work.

  • When: Thursday, 27th of June @ 7:00 PM HKT / 1:00 PM CET
  • Where: Virtual on Microsoft Teams
  • Guest Speaker: Mandy Pao, Founder, The Aligned Entrepreneurs

Session Overview:

In this enlightening session, Mandy Pao will delve into the ethos of The Aligned Entrepreneurs, a movement and community dedicated to helping conscious entrepreneurs find joy and purpose in their work. 

Learn how to transition from the relentless pursuit of growth to a more fulfilling and balanced entrepreneurial journey. 

Key topics:

  • Creating a business that aligns with your core values
  • Strategies for reducing work hours while maintaining profitability
  • Practical steps to simplify your workload
  • Understanding and embracing the Future of Work
  • The philosophy of working less and living more

Why You Should Attend:

  • This session is perfect for startup founders and entrepreneurs who are seeking a more balanced and fulfilling approach to their work. 
  • If you're tired of the hustle culture and ready to find a way to enjoy your life while still achieving your business goals, this event is for you. 
  • Gain valuable insights from Mandy Pao's journey, learn practical strategies to reduce your work hours, and join a community that values purpose and personal satisfaction over constant expansion. 

Don't miss this opportunity to redefine your path to success, start living a life that truly aligns with your values, and embrace the Future of Work.

RSVP today - "Create a business that aligns with your core values!"

About Mandy Pao:

  • Mandy Pao is an award-winning entrepreneur, agency owner, and speaker. 
  • Her career has spanned from Luxury Fashion PR, where she associated with Hollywood elites, LVMH, Pepsi, and Forbes, to launching a Branding & Marketing agency, scaling it up, and becoming the COO of a seven-figure chiropractic business.

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