Discover Opportunities in HR Tech during Covid-19 times

Jun 5, 2020, 1:30 – 3:00 PM

We are hosting Ketan Kapoor, Founder of Mettl. Ketan has spent a significant part of his professional life involved with start-ups, providing him with the necessary vision and acumen to build a company from the ground up. in 2018 Mettl was acquired by Mercer. The deal value was not officially disclosed, it was reportedly close to $42.7 Mn (INR 300 Cr) Ketan is now the Founder and CEO of 1TO10.

Virtual event

About this event

At this event, we will talk to Ketan about various aspects of HR Tech, recruiting, and the current markets during the crisis because of the Covid-19 situation. What are the opportunities for HR tech companies and how is the future going to be.

HR and business leaders across the globe have been increasingly advocating the adoption and application of the latest technology for better acquisition and management of talent. The combination of technology and HR has significantly enhanced the effectiveness and productivity of HR interventions, most notably when it comes to recruitment. A chief aspect of human resource management, recruitment is also one of the most expensive exercises for any organization

We’re passing through an essential transformation in the way we work. Automation and robots are changing human tasks and jobs, changing the capabilities required for various jobs. A majority of these momentous changes have raised massive demanding situations for talent, organizations, and Learning and Development (L&D) experts. While the rate of change is accelerating, no doubt, the search for the ‘top’ talent is fierce.

Every company in the world wants to hire top talent. But not all of them seem to know how to go about tapping the vast talent pool and finding the right people to help them further their organizational objectives.

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  • Ketan Kapoor


    Founder & CEO


  • kashyap kompella

    Go Digital Now


  • Revanth Mudidana



  • Yashwanth Tudimilla




  • Sarvag Kalari


    Chapter Director

  • Kashyap Kompella

    Startup Grind Pittsburgh


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