Do you know your Company's Value? | Dr. Kishore, CFO of Meenakshi Group is here to help you find out

Friday, June 12, 2020, 1:30 – 3:00 PM UTC

Founder: We need X dollars at Y valuation VC: How did you come up with Y? This is a question that any founder raising money will need to be prepared for. Dr. Kishore is a Corporate Finance Professional & Economist with 25 years of experience. He will answer all your questions regarding company and startup valuation. Be ready and bring all your questions along.

Virtual event

About this event

We will learn from Dr. Kishore: 

  1. What Company Valuation means 
  2. How and who can determine it 
  3. Best practices in valuation 
About Dr. Kishore: 

Dr.Kishore is a Corporate Finance Professional & Economist with 25 years of experience in Credit, Project Finance, Corporate Finance, Legal and HR fields. He is an ex-banker and has worked for prestigious organisations. He served as Director and Committee Member of several companies. He is member of various associations. He has been championing the cause of Financial Literacy and Financial Wisdom for MSME and Start-ups and for management scholars. He guided more than 500 project works, authored various articles, been a privileged member of Economic Times CFO Ledger, and has been a resource person at various autonomous institutions. 

This event is ideal for Founders, Chartered Accountants, Chartered Valuation Surveyors, and anyone who is into startups. 

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