Social Media Masterclass - Instagram Content Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Sunday, June 20, 2021, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM UTC

Startup Grind Jammu is hosting a workshop with Nishit Sharma, founder and director, DigitalMaya. In this workshop, Nishit will be covering the growth strategy for Instagram. Register now!!!

Virtual event

About this event

With the new age of tiktok (now banned in India) replaced by Moj and Instagram, users are found stuck with getting Likes, Comments and Followers? Under this session, we aim to cover the growth strategy for Instagram. The various topics that will be covered in this session are:

  • Types of Instagram accounts.
  • Choosing a niche.
  • Setting up Instagram account.
  • Designing content strategy.
  • About IGTV videos.
  • Measuring the performance using analytics.
  • Monetize using Instagram.

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  • Nishit Sharma

    Digital Maya

    Founder & Director


  • Anupam Pandey

    Vruksh Ecosystem Foundation

    Community Manager


  • Rishita Sharma

    Chapter Director

  • Anupam Pandey

    Team Member

  • Ayushi Sharma

    Creative Head