Startup Grind Super Summit - Hosting Frederick M. "Aesthetic Du J'our" - Fashion Trends Innovator

Jammu City
Mon, Nov 16, 2020, 4:30 PM (IST)

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Startup Grind Chapters throughout the world are joining forces to bring you The Startup Super Summit, the first globally distributed event of its kind to take place during Global Entrepreneurship Week featuring Virtual Keynote Addresses, Workshops, Fireside Chats and other Startup related events.

From Tokyo

This month we are excited to host a passionate leader, a rising visual artist,

Hopping several cities, and scanning fashion trends all over world, specially Hip-hop, Fred is a fashion innovator creating Fashion trends and Fashion influencers. We have invited Fred to inspire us on how he is setting his future journey


La Conversation with Frederick M. : An Insight into the Brilliant World of Visual Aesthetics

In the start-up world, we are not unfamiliar with terms such as technology trends or financial prospects. But what about aesthetic du jour, which is the magical ability or power to see the future and set trends in art and fashion industry?

Startup Grind Tokyo in collaboration with Startup Grind Jammu brings to you Frederick M. on November 16th, to take you on journey of the other side of camera, what it takes to make a visual campaign look drool worthy.

Every art is seduction and every seduction has a power to influence. Frederick is using this very power to highlight the plight of minority communities in developed worlds. Through his satirical visual creations, Frederick has been able to get the point across for 'Black Lives Matter'.

His visual works can be found at :

1) Instagram (personal page)

2) Instagram (Beginning Film: Film & Camera)


In his own words Frederick defines his journey as

"My passions and interests have led me to a diverse range of work. My experience includes working as a fashion editor for a Seoul-based magazine, studio assistant, model, and creative consultant for a number of brands. This breadth of experiences in the industry has inspired and influenced me to pursue a career as a commercial fashion photographer working with Conde Nast, Japan's GQ magazine.

Originally from the United States of America, I have been afforded the opportunity to work and live abroad in major art and fashion cities such as Seoul, Berlin, and Tokyo.

My work has gained a reputation due to my diverse experiences and stylish sensibilities. my talent has been sought out and commissioned by various notable brands and publications across Asia, America, Europe and Australia."

Frederick has contributed to the campaigns of some of the most reputable names in the fashion industry like GQ and Adidas

Frederick also runs an boutique ecommerce platform called Beginning Film, that caters to customers Japan and Australia. Founded in 2017, Beginning Film is an online platform specialising in the selling and sourcing of vintage film cameras, lenses and related items. Operating between Sydney and Tokyo, all the products listed are hand selected, inspected and tested before making them available for purchase. The platform also offer a direct sourcing service, wherein the customer gets help to find the exact item he/she is after.



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Monday, Nov 16
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM (IST)

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