A detailed Training on Blockchain + Quick guide to earn Free Coins

Open Workspaces - 138 West street Sandton, 2090 Johannesburg
Wed, Aug 29, 2018, 5:00 PM (SAST)

About this event

Throughout the month of August in the 400 cities across the world, Startup Grind is featuring the world’s leading experts in all things cryptocurrency and blockchain. To wrap up, we are hosting a unique Training course to help unleash Africa's Blockchain potential. This includes a detailed guide on how to get onto the right mailing lists to earn free coins. There will be a practical lesson in punctuality - Early birds will get an opportunity to earn free coins, where Startup Grind has negotiated for one of Africa’s most hyped Coins to do its first-ever SECRET AIRDROP at the very start of the event.

The early bird gets the worm - the Secret Airdrop

· How to get the most out of LinkedIn Premium without paying for it

· Converting your Twitter account into a Blockchain lead magnet

· Maximizing crypto-engagement on Facebook

· Turning your social media contacts into lucrative business relationships

· Understanding nudge theory – how speed enables you to maximize the Free Coins you are allocated. One of South Africa’s most exciting digital currencies is making available to those who arrive at the event on time.

Introducing Blockchain and how it will impact startup funding

· Understanding Blockchain in 18 minutes

· Why traditional fund managers fear Blockchain more than any other industry

· Understanding how traditional fund management fees consume 75% of investor returns

· Why cryptocurrencies are replacing traditional venture capital to fund startup businesses

· Why blockchain smart contracts are superior to traditional asset management and how this could help you to get your business funded

A detailed guide to earning free coins

· Why Cryptocurrencies do airdrops

· Getting onto the right coin airdrop and bounty lists

· Getting to grips with Telegram – the WhatsApp of Blockchain

· How to build relationships with your most desirable customers using social media

How you can use Blockchain to make money by using your friend's taxes to help to solve the South African Energy Crisis

· Why SARS will let you use your taxes to help SA create jobs - S12 J

· The Triple Whammy of Coal, Natural Gas, and Oil on the SA economy

· How a group of South Africans is using a digital currency to fund the solution to South Africa’s energy problem and - how you can benefit from using your taxes

· How holders of digital currency are able to protect their S12J investments

· Solving your digital currency tax problem - converting gains from existing digital currencies such as BTC and ETH into fiat and getting your tax back in the process

Reducing the barriers to entry when starting your own business

· Understanding why South Africa has such high unemployment and what you can do to help – even if you have no money

· A practical intervention to reducing the barriers to entrepreneurship

· Using TemplateGuru – a free resource of over 11,000 pages of professional documents

· Joining the TemplateGuru community - "Donate a template" button

This course is intense and while you don’t need to be technical, to get the most coins and understanding you need an internet-enabled laptop/tablet (a mobile phone won’t cut it) with your own data package. You must also have registered on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn prior to the event to get the free coins



Wednesday, Aug 29
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM (SAST)


Open Workspaces
138 West street Sandton2090

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