Fireside Chat with Dabeer Hemani ( Co-Founder Concept loop )

Friday, July 22, 2022, 1:00 – 3:00 PM UTC

Part of the Sustainable Series of Startup Grind Karachi, we are hosting 'Dabeer Hemani' this week at our venue to learn more about his Journey and an Impact entrepreneur. We will learn about how having a Sustainable startup can be profitable aswell and what other opportunities there are for others to avail to make this world a better place.

About this event

Dabeer Hemani, Co-Founder of Concept loop. An Impact startup operating in Pakistan.

More about Dabeer Hemani

"Dabeer Hemani is an Architect based in Karachi leading an architectural design studio and a plastic (up)recycling social enterprise. He is passionate about collaborating to solve real world problems. His work at Open Door Design Studio revolves around making built spaces more human centric and experientially rich while Concept Loop aims to redirect plastic waste from landfills and oceans into affordable building materials and lifestyle products. Dabeer is an active member of Rahnuma - social service NGO he founded as a student at IVS in 2010. He enjoys being at the intersection of design, sustainability, and technology with the "build-measure-learn-evolve" approach."

More information on Concept loop...

Concept Loop (Pvt) Ltd is a social enterprise focusing on helping businesses and individuals achieve a circular economy in plastics. We are focused on partnering with the existing eco system of kabaris and enhancing corporate partnerships to redirect plastic waste intended for the oceans and landfills. The waste plastics are processed and converted into lifestyle products and affordable, carbon neutral building materials making. Currently in Pakistan, plastic accounts for 18% of its total waste and only a small part of it is recycled into low value products with high levels of contamination during the process. We aim to move the narrative of recycled plastic from a low quality product to a hi value products of choice in both lifestyle and building material segments.

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