The Revolutionary Path to Success

February 15, 2018 / 2:30 PM

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In a world where many startups are working on high impact, daring ideas can be overlooked. But that doesn't mean revolutionary startups are not out there.

Chat with Joel Macharia (Founder & CEO of Abacus), a revolutionary innovator, about his story and the audacious ideas he is currently working on.

Network with startup founders/change makers from across Africa by joining us at Africa Tech Summit.

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The best part about attending a Startup Grind event is that you will get the opportunity to meet with like-minded entrepreneurs and business leaders all together in a relaxed environment where you can share knowledge regardless of what stage you are in your business journey.

We are truly passionate about helping founders, entrepreneurs and startups succeed by making their startup journey less lonely, more connected and more memorable.


Joel Macharia (Abacus)

Joel Macharia

Founder & CEO - Abacus

Macharia stares failure in the eye. At 29, he has made money, lost it, fallen into debt and built a stronger business from ashes. He is a born entrepreneur who never quits. “My earliest memory is selling and trading my lunch for cash, sweets and WWF stickers when I was 8 years old."

At the age of 12, Macharia, paved his road to finance. He fell in love with banking, following the introduction to the phrase "Other People's Money" by an uncle in the sector, at high school when he studied the stock market as part of his commerce studies. He was managing people’s money at 19, running banking technology projects at 22 and teaching finance at 23. In 2008, his business collapsed following the uncertainty of Kenya’s violent 2007 general elections. The stock market dropped and his clients pulled their money, leaving him in debt at a tender age of 22. He was forced to take a job as a product designer.

Macharia went back to investing and personal finance planning. He built PesaTalk but in 2012, following a disagreement with venture capitalists, he walked away from the largest consumer business news site in Kenya. In 2014, he founded Abacus, a financial services company which has grown to over 3,000 investors.

Date and Time
February 15, 2018
2:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Kigali Marriott Hotel
KN 3 Av
Kigali, 00000
2:30 pm Check-in and Networking
3:00 pm Fireside Chat
4:00 pm Africa Tech Summit's Networking session

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