Andy Sitt (123RF)

TBD - TBD TBD, TBD Kuala Lumpur
Thu, Jan 28, 2016, 7:00 PM (GMT+8)

About this event

A serial bootstrap entrepreneur, Andy is highly focused, far­sighted and very hands­on in pursuing his passion and growing his dreams on a global level. He is constantly challenging himself to do more each and every day to create new business opportunities for his company and the community.   Andy possesses 19 years of in­depth knowledge in building e­commerce businesses that are centered around the creative landscape. The MBA graduate from the University of Hull had spent his earlier years in the UK working as the financial controller of Digital Vision where he learned about the stock photography industry and saw the opportunity to replicate the business in Malaysia, his homeland.   He founded Inmagine, a premium stock photo library in year 2000 and quickly grew the business internationally. As the industry began shifting focus towards larger quantity and cheaper content, he seized the opportunity to start 123RF, a microstock library, in 2005. 123RF has shown significant growth ever since, and is now Asia’s largest crowdsource stock library in the world with more than 49 million images, 180,000 contributors, 5 million members and 44 office locations worldwide. In 2015, Andy ventured further, disrupting the creative industry by launching StockUnlimited, and EasyDesign.   Andy is currently investing in innovative startups to nurture the next generation of digital entrepreneurs. To date, he employs 600 talents across 20 countries and he aspires to create a sustainable creative ecosystem where content creators and business communities can thrive and grow in the creative landscape.



Thursday, Jan 28
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (+08)




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