Learn all about EV Charging from Kray, Founder of Powered By Rise

Kuala Lumpur
Fri, Sep 23, 2022, 5:30 PM (GMT+8)

About this event

The Electrical Vehicle (EV) trend is picking up and it needs a strong charging infrastructure to make it work. Kray Chong, the founder of Powered by Rise, is at the fore-front of producing state of the art EV charging stations. We are hoping to hear how he started on his journey, what makes his EV charging station unique, and where are we heading with all of these EV related technologies.

Kray Chong's LinkedIn - https://my.linkedin.com/in/kray-chong-5b09bb193
Powered by Rise Website - https://www.emergencerise.com/

Event Agenda
1. Introduce Kray Chong & his journey
2. What makes his EV charging station unique
3. Where are were heading with EV related technologies

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