Fine-tuning your business model with Akan Nelson (

Apr 10, 2021, 3:00 – 5:00 PM


This event we will be chatting with Akan Nelson. Akan is the co-founder and CEO of Evolve Credit, a company birthed out of the realization that Africans needed an online marketplace where they could explore their best loan options, just like they did when shopping online.

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About this event

This event we will be chatting with Akan Nelson. Akan Nelson is the founder and CEO at Evolve Credit, an online loan marketplace that connects borrowers to lenders. 

Evolve Credit became fully operational in December 2020. In three months, Akan has led the founding team to generate $43,000 in approved loans via the online marketplace at a 92% repayment rate, secure 10 institutional lending partners, including the largest digital lender in Nigeria, and process 1,914 loan requests. Evolve Credit has also grown to 36,188 registered users (8,677 added in the last 3 months); 47,000 monthly online visitors to the Evolve Credit Marketplace.

Evolve Credit gives you access to extensive database of loans and financial products, tools, and insights completely free of charge.

The theme of this event is "Fine-tuning your Business Model" and we will be talking extensively on how you can adapt and evolve your business model post-covid to attract Funding.

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