Mon, May 31, 2021, 9:00 PM (PKT)

Ladies and Gentlemen, we here at Startup Grind Lahore would like to kickstart our #SGWOMEN'SMONTH off with a BANG! 🔥 Join us on the 31st of May, at 9:00 PM (Pakistan Standard Time) Virtually with Aisha Memon, Data Governance and Democratization Product Owner for CISCO and the CEO / Founder of AlKemizeX

About this event

A little about Aisha Memon

Currently the Data Governance and Democratization Product Owner for CISCO, she has an illustrious career for 16 years. She is also the CEO / Founder of AlKemizeX, an empathy-based Transformation Services Company needed in today's world of Digital Transformation.

She's a data enthusiast, (SQL geek of the past); passionately continuing to learn and adapt in this constantly changing world of advanced technology, evolving users, and shifts in mindset; comfortably living and breathing in the paradox between process/structure and the unknown unknowns.

She has an eye for flourishing creativity; identifying existing gaps and bringing innovative ideas into strategy development.

In her spare time, she loves to study complicated human behaviors and relationships [i.e. fixed mindset vs. growth mindset, fear of change/the unknown, need for structure, ability to cope with chaos, human vulnerability, resiliency, and complexity of workplace relationship management and team building].

In the past, she has worked on the establishment of non-standard data governance; with relation to data management and readiness/preparedness for advanced data analytics and data science practices at an organizational level; moving away from data silos, shadow IT, to a more IT-supported infrastructure; balancing with the need for data autonomy and self-governance.

She's currently working on automation, digitization, and orchestration of repeatable process and exception handling; supported by data and analytics. Especially interested in the field of integrating machines into the workflow for human-like decision-making and cognitive abilities. She's fascinated by the advancement in this space, use-cases, and fear of the unknown.

She is continuing to be adaptive at working within the execution of complex projects at, program level; managing and motivating cross-functional teams, delivering goals for stakeholders at all levels.

This is just a taste! Wanna know more? Check out her LinkedIn:



Monday, May 31
9:00 PM - 11:30 PM (PKT)

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