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Fri, Apr 24, 2015, 5:00 PM (BST)

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Brent Hoberman is known as founder of industry disrupting companies (sold for $900 million) and . Yet, his business journey does not end there. This is a live streaming talk. Brent later started Founders Forum, a private network of world's best, brightest and most inspirational digital entrepreneurs. To join as a founder, you must have started a digital/technology business that is valued in excess of $500 million. Keynote speakers at Founders Forum were business legends like Richard Branson or chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt. Who wouldn't like to attend one of those strictly invite-only gatherings, right? Being a natural born entrepreneur, it didn't take long before Brent started PRO Founders Capital, a VC firm made of 'entrepreneurs backing entrepreneurs'. Brent's partner is founder of Bebo, Michael Birch.   If list of businesses that Brent founded is impressive, list of companies that he advises is equally impressive. Brent is on the board of Shazam, TalkTalk, EasyCar and The Guardian.  

Join is for this fireside chat that will be streamed live. Brent Hoberman will talk to Marian Gazdik, Director of Startup Grind Europe.

Location: Everywhere (LIVE-streaming) Date: 24th April, 2015 Time: 5pm GMT (6pm CET, 1pm in Sao Paulo, 12am EST, 11am in Mexico City, 9am PST)


  • Brent Hoberman

    Brent Hoberman - LIVE streaming

    Founder of (sold for $900M), (worth $150M), Founders Forum and PRO Founders Capital. Brent is on the board of Shazam, TalkTalk, EasyCar and The Guardian.

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    Friday, Apr 24
    5:00 PM - 8:00 PM (BST)


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