Lorenzo Cappannari - Futuri possibili

Sunday, July 9, 2023, 3:37 – 4:37 PM UTC

Author of the book ” Futuri Possibili ” about the future of internet (published in Italy by Giunti Editore). Professor at SDA Boccona and Instituto Marangoni.

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👾 I was appointed nerd at the age of 8, when I started programming with my father’s 80386. I loved coding, gaming, and... talking too much. 🎓 Quite a few years later I graduated with honors in Business Administration, and started a career in Marketing and Sales in the big corp world. 👓 My last employer was the eyewear world leader Luxottica, where I spent 8 years travelling the world with a hand-luggage and managing international teams. 😎 I was GM Ray-Ban for Latin America when I was flabbergasted by the first Google Glass, and sensed that the future of eyewear was in technology. So I changed my life, left the big corp world, and founded my own XR startup. 🚀 Today I'm the CEO of AnotheReality, a Virtual Worlds Innovation Company that partners with enterprises in their virtual transformation journey, getting them ready for the coming metaverse paradigm. 🎓 I wrote Futuri Possibili, a book about the internet of the future (yes, the Metaverse) published for the Italian Giunti Editore. I also like spending time doing lectures and talks about this topic.

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