Redefine the way you work - Rafa de Ramon (Founder & CEO - Utopicus)

Utopicus - Calle Orense, 62 Madrid, 28020 Madrid
Thu, Oct 18, 2018, 7:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

Almost two decades after hacker spaces reached its peak, the co-working concept we know today arrived.  Back in 2,005 the whole idea took off the ground in San Francisco (credited to Brad Neuberg): a combination of independence of freelancers and the structure and community of office spaces.

Since then, co-working spaces has been re-shaping the way we work.  Making our day-to-day jobs more engaging and full of content, while optimizing the different business models working on the backstage of those properties, making them more sustainable in the financial sense.

Today days, it is common place to see big companies renting out big chunks of these spaces and making them their new homes; without losing their own identities while living and breathing the sharing spirit behind the concept.  Competitors, once battling fiercely to get customers attention are now collaborating to make their customer experiences better...even drinking beers together now and then on some social gatherings at their shared office space.

Spain, as any other country in Europe, hasn't been immune to all these changes.  Back in 2,010 when Utopicus was founded (being one of the firsts co-working spaces in the country) they succeeded at printing something extra special in their growing communities.  The latter being one of the key factors of their 2,018 expansion and future plans to conquer the world. 

This time we'll have the chance to chat with Rafa de Ramón, founder and CEO of Utopicus and learn fisrt hand about their future, challenges ahead and past experiences of these bootstrapped ecosystem builders.  


  • Rafa de Ramón

    Rafa de Ramón


    Founder & CEO

    Rafa holds a BBA from Universidad Complutense de Madrid & a Master of Arts degree from SDA Bocconi. An interesting combination of disciplines and expertise that allowed him to kick-start the co-working revolution in Spain, founding Utopicus back in 2010.  Now the co-working branch of Colonial (Real Estate) aiming to enable creators, freelancers, entrepreneurs and many more to crea...

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    Thursday, Oct 18
    7:30 PM - 10:00 PM (CEST)


    Calle Orense, 62 Madrid28020

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