Enabling the Healthier World

Tuesday, March 22, 2022, 5:00 – 6:30 AM UTC

Mr Balamaurugan , CEO - Born Natural is sharing his vision on enabling the healthier world with SG Madurai

In-person event
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About this event

In context of Indian Startups, Farm to Fork Supply Chain Startups in India usually refer to startups that are either helping farmers sell their produce directly to consumers. According to a 2019 NASSCOM report, there were more than 450 startups in the agri-tech space in the country. BORN NATURAL, as the name suggests, was born out of love and desire for natural and healthy products. It was founded by a group of likeminded friends looking to bring fresh natural produce to our family and neighbors..Mr Bala Murugan  Co Founder & CEO Born Natural is sharing his vison for his startup and the story behind the success.

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  • Bala Murugan

    Born Natural



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  • Baskar Perumal

    Lexhive Corporate Services

    Chapter Director

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