Marketing -that MBA doesn’t teach you - A Masterclass for Startups

Tuesday, February 2, 2021, 12:00 – 1:30 PM UTC

Marketing -that MBA doesn’t teach you* - A Marketing Masterclass for Startups

About this event

Startups typically have constrained resources—money and people. On top of it, they often have little, if any, awareness and few consumers. Breaking through the startup stage to become a viable firm requires extra vigilance. Marketing and getting leads  are challenging for any startup or entrepreneur. 

Balaji  says, "There are two sets of people - one who thinks marketing is a cakewalk, and the other sees it a rocket science. He aims at breaking the myths and to bring it's readers to a middle-ground. 

He recently published a  book for Startups,  'Marketing -that MBA doesn’t teach you' - a simplified guidance for startups .

He says, "I don't want any upcoming marketer or a start-up to face the hurdles I faced during the early days of my career and this session helps entrepreneurs to take few marketing initiatives with confidence"

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