#SGWomen Making Nutrition Business Stand Out

Sunday, May 29, 2022, 12:30 – 1:30 PM UTC

Ms Sundare Raju elaborates on how to build a unique nutrition business model.

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About this event

We are witnessing a paradigm change in consumers’ preferences in the food landscape in India and other nations. It is no surprise that critical factors like the pandemic, global warming, and increased awareness related to sustainability, zero waste and clean eating habits play a vital role in this change. Local and homegrown ingredients will spotlight consumers’ focus on conscious eating and consumers be shifting to grains and proteins to fuel them throughout the day. As per the “Future of Food” report surveyed by Deloitte India, “Grains accounted for 55% of the daily calorie consumption while the intake for proteins increased to 63 gms. Superfoods like Millets, Ragi, Jowar, and Bajra have been a part of India’s food history for centuries. India grows nearly 80 varieties of millets; hence every state of India can boast a different type of millet.  As Startup Grind celebrates May 22 as "Women's Month", our chief guest Ms Sundare Raju, a successful women entrepreneur and nutritious food expert will enlighten us on the quality of the food, ingredients used in the making, fresh produce, and practice environment-friendly eating habits. 

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  • Sundare Raju

    Mayuram Foods


  • Sharmila Devi

    SevenClover Coaching Services

    Founder & CEO


  • Baskar Perumal

    Lexhive Corporate Services

    Chapter Director

  • Sharmila Devi Pounraj

    SevenClover Coaching Services

    Chapter Co-Director