FOUNDERS FORUM (Founders and co-founders only)

Jun 7, 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Attention Founders and Co-founders! Starting and growing your idea is tough....damn tough at times. There's nothing worse than feeling alone or isolated, while searching for answers and needing to talk with people who have been where you are. If you have felt this way, WELCOME to Startup Grind Maryland's Founders Forums. Read on to see what we're doing about such challenges this summer!

Virtual event

About this event

Can A.I. actually help you grow your idea or lead to success? 
What about strategy, product development, customer discovery,
 marketing, sales, finance, operations, and partnering?

We have been surveying the Maryland startup/scaleup
 ecosystem since January. Here's what we found:

So, a new question is,
"How Can A.I. Help Startups With These Areas?"

At 11:00 am, on the 7th of June, let's discuss the above,
and launch a request into the Maryland ecosystem for
those most successful at applying Artificial Intelligence
to bring their experience and insights to upcoming events.

About The Founders Forum

This forum is a group of founders and co-founders gathering regularly to connect with one another, let our hair down, relax, take a load off, open up, share problems, ask questions, share experiences, struggles and celebrate wins, while making new friends and partners.  We get educated, inspired, and connect with the people and resources we need to take that next step on our founders' journey.

Founders Forums are not open to the general public. They are focused exclusively on serving founders and co-founders. Attendance is limited in order to foster and maintain a safe space to openly share and support one another.

Here are a few if the benefits you can expect when you join our Founders Forums.

     ► Make friends, grow new relationships, partnerships, and collaborative opportunities.

     ► Focus on peer-to-peer support, mutual problem-solving, and brainstorming.

     ► Openly discuss our struggles, opportunities, and what's needed to get to the next step.

     ► Show off and demo our products/services and brag about our latest achievements.

     ► Practice and refine our pitch and get honest, constructive feedback from our peers.

     ► Establish accountability partnerships with each other in order to get stuff done.

     ► New!  Our Ask the Expert Series  (in-depth discussions with subject matter experts).

Join us, Come as you are (it's online). You'll be glad you did.

Your Startup Grind Maryland Team 

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  • Chris Haug

    360 Venture Management Group

    Founder | CEO

  • Jeffrey Freedman

    Chief Efficiency Officer

  • Patrick Rockhill

    Doyle-Logan Systems


  • Nichole Kelly

    CEO, True North Growth Labs

  • Mel Litter

    Elemental Impact Solutions

    CEO, Elemental Impact Solutions

  • Tariq Najee-ullah

    Patent Insider

    Chief Patent Insider

  • Jason Mantzouranis

    Cachet Mode LLC

    COO, Project/Program Manager - Cachet Mode LLC

  • Connor Boundy

    Atlantis Capital


  • Luke Pillarella

    Atlantis Capital, LLC



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