5 Step Social Media Strategy (Easy Marketing for the Non-Marketer)

July 23, 2020, 11:30 PM UTC – July 24, 2020, 12:30 AM UTC

Marketing your business, brand or organization is hard! Most marketing resources assume that you know your customer and that they are engaging with you. But how do you create awareness and build your followers in the beginning? This workshop will help you design a simple strategy to increase your numbers and drive traffic to your sites.

About this event

5 Step Social Media Strategy (Easy Marketing for the Non-Marketer)

Marketing your business, brand or organization is hard! Most marketing resources assume that you know your customer and that they are engaging with you. They hardly ever show you how to create awareness when you're introducing yourself to your potential customers, client, and the community. In order to create your funnel and convert prospects into sales, you have to first make them aware that you exist. How do you do that when you're not a marketer or a social media guru? If that describes you, then this is the workshop for you!

Hosted by the Startup Grind Memphis Chapter Director, LaKeisha Harrison, she designed this workshop after learning a lot about social media, making a ton of mistakes, and spinning her wheels on graphics when she couldn't afford to pay someone to create them. These 5 simple steps will allow you to create a beginner marketing campaign that will help you:

1. Simplify your marketing

2. Automate your posting

3. Increase your number of posts

4. Understand how to maximize your marketing copy to create content

5. Find the right tools and software to help you become more efficient 

6. Focus on the right metrics to determine the impact and growth of your campaign

Simplicity is key and this will help you figure out how to simplify your strategy and focus on the right metrics to grow and acquire those customers!

*All participants will receive a .pdf of the presentation after the event*

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