Before You Fundraise Workshops

Tuesday, April 20, 2021, 3:00 – 7:30 PM UTC

The “Before You Fundraise” track of workshops helps founders understand how to master critical concepts in entrepreneurship so they can be in the best possible position when seeking capital or venture investment.

About this event

How can we help founders be in the best position possible when seeking capital or venture investment? The “Before You Fundraise” track of workshops helps founders understand how to master critical concepts in entrepreneurship:

  • Viability
  • Utilizing the Business Model Canvas
  • Interviewing Customers
  • Fundraising 101: Different Types of Investors and What They Look For

Helping founders who typically do not have access to these types of tools increases their ability to build sustainable businesses and determine the right type of capital needed at the right stage of their business to maximize growth and profitability.

Whether you’re aspiring to be an entrepreneur or you’re currently a founder, these workshops will help you get started or put you on the right track to success in your entrepreneurship journey.


Moderator: Patrice Perkins (In Focus Brands/Startup Grind NY-Capital Region)

As Senior Project Manager/Business Analyst at In Focus Brands, Patrice deploys as a primary point of contact onsite at client locations; using strong analytical and organizational abilities to engage key leadership and internal divisional stakeholders. She conducts audits to assess existing business processes and helps develop branding, messaging, strategic action plans and change management processes. As Director of Startup Grind NY - Capital Region, Patrice leads conversations with successful business leaders, who share lessons they learned while building great companies.

Nine Elements of the Business Model

The Business Model Canvas creates a roadmap for your business in nine key areas. Founders should be able to describe their goals and how each block of the canvas works together in achieving those goals. This workshop helps founders create the narrative that describes the goals of the business and how they will be achieved.

Presenter: David Stengle (Board++/Startup Grind Princeton)

Fundraising 101: Different Types of Investors and What They Look For

All funders are not created equal. Understanding the types of investors that exist and what they are looking for can help founders target their pitch and ask. This workshop helps founders understand the funding landscape so they can make better decisions about the type of investor to pursue for their startup.

Presenter: Jason Kraus (Prepare4VC/Startup Grind Boston)

Ideating Viable Concepts

The process of going from ideation to a viable business involves a multitude of steps and answering pertinent questions about the concept. Before you think about accessing capital, have you mapped out your concept and tested the hypothesis of your idea? This workshop will help founders flesh out the steps needed to understand the difference between a good idea and a viable concept.

Presenter: Jose Alfaro (CO.STARTERS)

Customer Development: How to Interview and Acquire Customers

Founders need to have a deep understanding of who their customers are and how to engage them. Customer development is crucial to the foundations of a business. This workshop helps founders grasp the lifecycle of customer development to build customer centered startups.

“There are no facts outside your building, so get outside” – Steve Blanks

Presenter: Luis Martinez (We Tha Plug/Startup Grind San Diego)

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
3:00 PM – 7:30 PM UTC


3:00 PMFundraising 101
4:00 PMIdeating Viable Concepts
5:30 PMNine Elements of the Business Model
6:30 PMCustomer Development


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