Changing Reality: Creating, Educating, and Entertaining in VR/AR (#SGWomen Month)

Jun 30, 2020, 11:30 PM – Jul 1, 2020, 12:30 AM

June is Women in Tech Month! Meet Kai Frazier (Kai XR) and Kathryn Hicks (The Danse) as we discuss augmented and virtual reality technologies that are redefining the ways in which we create, educate, and experience entertainment. Join us to learn how these two phenomenal women are impacting the industry and how we can support more women in the AR/VR techology space!

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June is Women in Tech Month (#SGMonth)!

Every year Startup Grind hosts our #SGWomen Month — proudly recognizing the accomplishments of successful women all over the world. These women are founders, venture capitalists, engineers, executives, and more who represent our community.

Meet Kai Frazier (Kai XR) and Kathryn Hicks (The Danse) as we discuss augmented and virtual reality technologies that are redefining the ways in which we create, educate, and experience entertainment. Join us to learn how these two phenomenal women are impacting the industry and how we can support more women in the AR/VR technology space!

Changing Reality: Creating, Educating and Entertaining in AR/VR (June 30th)

In the span of six months, coronavirus (COVID-19) has dramatically impacted our health, finances, and how we socialize in our community.  As school districts close schools, sports league delay or completely cancel their seasons, or Hollywood productions come to a complete halt, the world has had to pivot dramatically to a virtual world in a matter of months.  Experts say that pandemics are not passing phases but soon-to-be ever-present fixtures in the future fabric of our society, permanently affecting our social norms and behaviors. Where do we go from here?

Enter augmented and virtual reality. Augmented reality is the combination of real and virtual (computer-generated) worlds using a camera or smartphone while virtual reality is a complete immersion experience that shuts out the physical world (is it just me or does that sound really awesome right about now...). 

According to, "....Tech advisors Digi-Capital estimates that there will be 2.5 billion AR-capable devices -- smartphones and smart glasses -- by 2023, compared to roughly 900 million now, and the market will be worth $70 billion. That compares to around 30 million VR devices (including mobile, standalone, console and PC-based), which Digi-Capital predicts will create a market worth $10 to $15 billion in the same period."  [October 2019]

The advent of AR and VR is redesigning how we train workers, educate students, and experience entertainment.  To celebrate Women in Tech, we're excited to host two phenomenal women who are impacting the industry using this technology.  Join us for a lively and enlightening discussion as we explore how the pandemic has fast-tracked this technology to become more accessible and how the startup ecosystem can do more to support women in tech.

Meet Kai Frazier

Kai Frazier is an educator turned EdTech entrepreneur passionate about using tech to provide inclusive and accessible opportunities for underestimated communities. She is the founder & CEO of Kai XR, the most inclusive and accessible, educational VR platform where kids can explore, dream, & create. Her work has been featured in Forbes, NBC, the Steve Harvey Show & more.

Meet Kathryn Hicks

Kathryn Hicks is an AR / VR designer based in Memphis, Tennessee. After finishing graduate school, she started working at a company called The Danse, a virtual and augmented reality company located in Memphis, Tennessee. In this role, she has created immersive training simulations and educational content for medical, enterprise, and universities. She is currently working on an asymmetric VR co-op platformer game called Mend, an Oculus 2019 Launch Pad project by Justin Palmer. Mend is an upcoming video game where both flat-screen and VR players can play together

When: June 30th

Time: 6:30 pm (CST)

Where: Zoom Virtual Meeting

Tickets: $3 for Zoom Meeting (Interact with speakers, network with other attendees and participate in Q&A).

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