End of Year Party with Fireside Chat Entrepreneur Adherence to the Rules & Principle of Business Law

Dec 20, 2019, 4:00 – 11:46 PM

Tyco Roof Top, 19th Street Sinkor, between Russel Avenue and Cheeseman Avenue, Monrovia, 10000

How the rule of law is important to Business......................... Startup Grind Monrovia is hosting a Fireside Chat with the Topic "Entrepreneur Adherence to the Rules and Principle of Business Law" and we will wrap-up the 2019 with the biggest Party ever in Monrovia for Entrepreneurs with a Goat Barbecue, Drinks, Spicy & Tasty Foods. Come be a Part and Don't be Told about the Experience....

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How the rule of law is important to Business and a climax Party with a Goat Barbecue among other Barbecues, Spicy & Tasty Food.....

When you start a business, you need to understand what laws apply to your new business. Consult a legal professional or business adviser for advice on which areas require your compliance. If you conduct a business, you may need to comply with tax obligations.

Our Fireside Chat will host Emmanuel Reeves, Michael Fayiah, Anthony T. Twe, Ernest Dunbar and moderated by Al Varney Rogers to discuss "Entrepreneur Adherence to the Rules and Principle of Business Law".

The rule of law is a concept designed to keep life fair, just and orderly – and it also applies to businesses. To make the best decisions for you and your business, you need to understand how these laws work.

The rule of law has no simple definition, but in its essence, it’s a concept that means no one is above the law. The rule of law means that there are clear, understandable rules that everyone has to follow – citizens, governments and businesses. It’s a way of keeping our justice system fair and ensuring that everyone complies with the law.

If you imagine doing business without any legal means to protect your best interests, you’ll understand why the rule of law is important to business. The rule of law gives everyone a framework for how to act and operate. It holds people, businesses and government accountable for their actions.

Without predictable rules and patterns to follow, doing business would be chaotic. You would never know how another party would act in any given situation and it would be all too easy to be taken advantage of. The rule of law provides much-needed stability, consistency and certainty in a potentially volatile landscape. With the guidelines for universal acceptable behavior clear and universal, it’s a lot easier to ensure that organisations act predictably and responsibly.

Failing to comply with state and federal guidelines can have serious consequences for your business. That’s why it’s so important to know and understand the rules. If you don’t, you can be vulnerable to fines, lawsuits, audits – even having your business dissolved entirely.

If you’d like to broaden your understanding of the law and how it relates to your business, consider coming for the Startup Grind Monrovia Fireside Chat and End-of-Year Party. By equipping yourself with valuable knowledge, you can make the best and most informed decisions for your business.

Come get Inspired, Connect and Party like Never Before as we Celebrate with our Sponsor Klass Group of Companies (KGC) Liberia.....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Emmanuel Reeves

    Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law

    Law Student

  • Michael Fayiah

    Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law

    Law Student

  • Ernest Dunbar

    Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law

    Law Student

  • Anthony T. Twe

    Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law

    Law Student

  • Al Varney Rogers

    Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law

    Law Student


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