We are hosting Chris Massaquoi Jr., CEO of Motiva Program Ent.:- Presented by AWS

Aug 1, 2020, 2:00 – 3:00 PM

How important is education for business owners and entrepreneurs? Sometimes entrepreneurs consider further study in the hope it can prepare them for the future. Chris Massaquoi Jr., a motivational speaker will tell you what you need to know when it comes to self-education for business owners. Take Control of Your Business Career with Self-Education

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Today, business people who focus on continuing their education outside of traditional classrooms are uniquely positioned to seize new opportunities and reach the highest levels of success. The reason is simple. The world is changing faster than ever, and there’s no going back now!

To keep up, business people must keep learning. While traditional classrooms are important, they move too slowly to keep up with the fast-paced educational needs of today’s business people. By the time the curriculum experts can agree on a new course title, consumers (and therefore, business people) have already moved on to the next big thing. The result is the rising interest in and importance of self-education.

Fortunately, there are many free and highly affordable ways to educate yourself on just about any topic today, including business! Whether you want to improve your leadership skills or learn a new technology to support growing areas of your business and responsibilities, you can find ways to self-educate yourself.

With our guest favorite topics: "Poverty Mentality" and "Self-education," he is looking forward to meet his goal of transforming the minds of African youth, and is more resolved than ever before to motivate and create more leaders that could bring change to the African continent.

Chris Massaquoi Jr. is an African entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and business coach. He was born in Liberia in 1987, but fled the civil war at the age of two (2) with his family as refugees for Europe, settling in Brussels, Belgium, where he schooled up to high school. In 2005, he left to pursue a higher education in the USA, where he studied marketing at Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio, thus making him fluent in French and English.

Right after obtaining a two year Associates Degree in Marketing, Chris took interest in business, and chose to venture full time in becoming an entrepreneur. He started self-educate himself in personal and business growth materials to build up his mental capacity in business.

His first business was a videography business. To expand that video business, he returned to Liberia in 2011 to improve the video industry, where he established Chrissieboy Video Studio Ent. which became the leading video production studio in the country at the time. But that was not enough for him; he wanted to grow bigger in business, and so took a quick trip around West Africa conducting other small businesses from 2014 to 2016, only to return to Liberia once more to launch a digital marketing agency, then afterwards a modern day fast food outlet.

Whiles running several companies simultaneous, Chris was faced with a bigger challenge, and that of recruiting good staffs to grow his businesses. It was at this point that he realized that something was really wrong in the area of job ethics and customer service in Liberia as many other entrepreneurs where complaining of the same staffing problem. Becoming more aware of this whiles hiring and firing staffs repeatedly, he recognized a new business opportunity, and took on the initiative in solving this problem for he and other entrepreneurs, and that’s how the idea of establishing Eploy Liberia, an employment agency that came about 2019, where since they have provided jobs for tons of people in Liberia.

During the whole time of his business ventures, Chris Massaquoi Jr. had been studying the subject of personal and business growth. As one of the leading African young entrepreneurs and with his vast knowledge, studies, and experiences, he now teaches people as a motivational speaker and business coach under his Motiva Program Ent., a personal and business growth company since 2017. Since he has gained the popularity and admiration of many youth as he shares his success formulas through seminars, webinars, workshops, 1on 1 coaching, as well as through his own written book publication around Africa

Chris believes that a person has the power to become anyone they want to be, regardless of being poor or disadvantageous in financing a formal education. His philosophy is that one can raise himself, just like him, from poverty to wealth through "self-educating themselves in business" which he believes is the key to delivering one's self out of poverty in Africa. He is also known for being a strong pan African, who advocates for Africans to either remain or return to Africa to run businesses.

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