We are hosting Edmund N. Kloh II, Co-Founder & General Manager of HAK Technology:- Presented by AWS

Jul 31, 2020, 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Strategic opportunities for new ventures can be categorized along two dimensions: attitude toward incumbents (collaborate or compete?) and attitude toward the innovation (build a moat or storm a hill?). This produces four distinct strategies that will guide a venture’s decisions regarding customers, technologies, identity, and competitive space.

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Some Start-up founders follow a business plan; other operate by the seat of their pants.

Many entrepreneurs, operating in the fog of uncertainty, worry that exploration will delay commercialization. They go, therefore, with the first practical strategy that comes to mind, deriding the deliberation and planning that accompany careful strategizing. 

Founders are both more confident and more persuasive to investors, employees, and partners when they can demonstrate an idea’s potential across multiple strategies, validating the underlying assumptions and strength of the idea itself.

Is there a way to think through your strategic options without slowing down the process too much?

At the heart of our approach is the recognition that a go-to-market strategy for any innovation involves making choices about which customers to target, what technologies to apply, what organizational identity to assume, and how to position the company against which competitors. To complicate matters, the decisions are interdependent—the choice of customers influences the company’s organizational identity and its technology options.

We will have an insight and tips of strategic management and planning of early stage entrepreneurs from Edmund N. Kloh II an expert and entrepreneur.

Edmund N. Kloh II is a Software Engineering & Development, Web application designer, development (programming) & Web server Administrator, IT project manager, multimedia designer, technical planner, and business case analyst. Edmund is the current General Manager of HAK Technology.

Edmund began his IT journey in 1993 and after he graduated 1996 and was hired to teach Beginner’s and Intermediate IT Courses. After several years of teaching In The Gambia and Cote d’Ivoire, he was hired by the International Community School Abidjan (ICSA) as an IT support staff, after few months was promoted to Assisting IT Coordinator of the Institution. He also served as Technical Manager for Karis International located in Cote d’Ivoire, Research and & Development Manager Fenil Sa, Cote d’Ivoire and a shareholder. While in Cote d’Ivoire he worked as an IT Consultant for numerous entities like: African Christian Television, The Basilica Our Lady of Peace, Yamousoukro, WAFO Ministries, IT Airport cargo handling, cachou nut Producers Association etc. He completed several projects with the UN as an Online UN Volunteer developing a website for Ecotourism NGO in Thailand and an E-Newsletter web application for a Human Right Organization in Cameroon. Serve as General Manager for Stinger Web Technology.

Edmund return to Liberia in 2010 where he started HAK Technology, a Liberia owned IT consultancy and Software development firm (www.haktechnology.com) . He runs the day-to-day affairs of the institution as General manager. Since his arrival in Liberia he has worked for several organizations either as a hired Consultant or through his firm. Some of the organizations include: USAID, UNDP, DAI, UN Women, UNESCO, IFES, National Election Commission, Word Bank (Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Services & Liberia Institution of Public Administration- LIPA) , The Liberia Chamber of Commerce through Tradecom/AGORA’2000 Rome Italy, Liberia Petroleum Refining Corporation, The Liberia Maritime Authority, National Port Authority, the Land Commission, Independent National Commission on Human Rights, United Methodist University, Ministry of Post & Telecommunication, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Finance & Development Planning, National Port Authority etc…

Edmund served two semesters volunteering as a lecturer at the SDA University. Edmund mentored the youth organization (Protect The Children Online) for 2 years. At present Edmund mentors Technology students from Stars College of Technology, Blue Crest University and his CSR.  

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  • Edmund N. Kloh II

    HAK Technology

    Co-founder & General Manager


  • Joseph S. K. Pambu Jr

    Startup Grind Monrovia


  • Alfred C. Kargbo

    Startup Grind Monrovia



  • Joseph S. K. Pambu Jr.

    Wireless Technology Lab

    Chapter Director

  • Ousmane Barry

    Soya Aluminuim & Soya Hub

    Chapter Coordinator

  • Alfred C. Kargbo, Jr.

    CHERSOLA Ventures, Inc.

    Chapter Co-Director


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