Sep 21, 2019, 4:00 – 6:00 PM

iCampus Liberia, 150 Carey Street, Monrovia, 1000

Startup Grind Monrovia is hosting passionate young female Liberian entrepreneurs and changemakers to discuss Women Participation in Entrepreneurship and Leadership by sharing their own personal experiences along with the challenges & opportunities in women involvement in entrepreneurship & leadership & provide strategics to implement as an entrepreneur from startup to scaling up your enterprise.

In-person event

About this event

Current women’s economic empowerment interventions are not enough to overcome all obstacles facing female entrepreneurs and leaders. The emerging evidence from psychology and experimental economics on agency, mindset, and leadership show that for successful interventions to be transformative, they need to move beyond basic access to financial and human capital and also tackle central psychological, social, and skills constraints on women entrepreneurs. Emerging evidence from recent studies on different capital-based, training-based, and gender-based interventions, using randomized control trials, present promising interventions to support women entrepreneurs and leaders.

Women are the largest untapped entrepreneurial and leadership potential; and young girls’ interest and enthusiasm in entrepreneurship and leadership are often damaged over time by stereotyping, cultural discouragement, peer pressure, and lack of inspiration and role models resulting in a lack of confidence to engage with entrepreneurship, leadership and technology.

Women entrepreneurship has been recognized as an important catalyst of economic growth. From a professional standpoint, while they contribute to employment generation, they are also able to render unique business solutions that help in the evolution of society. On the social front, women entrepreneurs not only play a pivotal role in the well-being of their families and communities, they also are a critical element in contributing to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Thus, Governments across the world are actively encouraging women entrepreneurs through various schemes, incentives and promotional measures. However, a recent economic survey shares a few alarming statistics. Though the rise in women entrepreneurship, leadership and talent is an established fact, the numbers at the top are not changing.

Startup Grind Monrovia is hosting passionate young female entrepreneurs and changemakers to discuss Women Participation in Entrepreneurship and Leadership by sharing their own personal experiences. 

Our Panelist Profiles:

Veria Rogerly Woodson

Veria Rogerly Woodson is the founder/owner of Connie Fire Starter. She has over nine (9) years experience of been an entrepreneur and won several business plan competitions including winning the National Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Conference, Trade Fair and Business Plan Competition held 2015, winner of The Get In the Ring Pitching Competition sponsored by the British Embassy and beneficiary of the 2015 Branson Scholarship for Entrepreneurs. She founded Connie Fire Starter in 2017, seen the need of Fire Starter been produced in our country because 75% of our population are charcoal users. Her aim for the Fire Starter production in Liberia is to discourage all charcoal users from using dry latex or plastic to light fire and this is how she is sending the message out that Liberians should help fight Climate Change and Air Pollution.

Ms. Salamartu Stephanie Duncan

Ms. Salamartu Stephanie Duncan is the Secretary General at the Liberia Chamber of Commerce, the largest and oldest business member organization in Liberia and also the Founder and Quarterback of The Marketing Team Africa (TMT Africa) and recently, ShopAGOA.com, an online marketplace that promotes and market African products and well CONNECTED. Like any good Quarterback who is strategically positioned behind the center to direct the team offensive play, Duncan has a proven track record of connecting with the right people in order to serve the best interest of the clients. Duncan has over 15 years of work experience, with 7 years of management experience in Marketing and Public Relations with various public and private companies in the United States and the West Africa (ECOWAS Region). Duncan began her career at the University Association of University Women (AAUW), working directly with AAUW’s Executive Director, during the height of the Clarence Thomas U.S. Supreme Court nomination hearing. The hearing would later launched modern-day public awareness on sexual harassment in the United States. She described this time in her life as exciting because it was at the height of the sexual harassment debate; the first time there was an open discussion on this topic. “I worked with women from all walks of life, who played an instrumental role in the national debate on sexual harassment policies. They inspired me to not only be better, but to also speak up on issues that effect my community. This was when I realized, I needed to be a custodian of women’s rights”.  She later branched out and founded The Marketing Team Africa (TMT Africa), a business management and Marketing consulting firm working with micro, small, and medium size enterprises (MSMEs). TMT Africa works with MSMEs business owners with less than 100 employees, helping to strengthen and grow their business through marketing and public relations. TMT Africa has complementary network within the ECOWAS Region (West Africa) and the United States of America (USA). These enable TMT Africa to conduct research or implement activities in those areas on a cost-effective basis. Her vision is to build sustainable economic prosperity for MSMEs, helping them grow from one stage to the next. Ms. Duncan has earned the reputation for developing, implementing, and managing complex projects and programs with time and budgetary constraints – She is the Quarterback who gets things done.

Hannah Daye

Hannah Daye holds a Bachelor's degree in Business management from the United Methodist university, where she focused on marketing and supply chain management. Hannah is an entrepreneur who is influencing young Liberians to turn their passion and gift into businesses. She is the founder and CEO of RESOrganics, an award winning and one of Liberia's leading natural cosmetics brand which is transforming especially the lives of young women and girls in the country. Apart from her business and entrepreneurship prowess, Ms Daye also take on motivational speaking as she usually speaks on issues surrounding young people's employment, confidence and to be themselves. She is an entrepreneur, managing director, mother and mentor.

Grace Hawa Weah, a.k.a. Master Queen

Grace Hawa Weah, a.k.a. Master Queen is the Founder and CEO of MasQue, and holds a stunning and intriguing personality in the Liberian entertainment realm. As hot as her name goes, Master Queen she is widely known for her DJ techniques and skills, and currently runs one of the hottest radio shows on Hott 107.9 FM dubbed “Grace the Occasion”. Master Queen is highly appreciated by Liberian artists around the world. Also, as a model, she holds Miss Sayon Town, Miss Bushrod Island, Miss Mama Point and District 1 first runner up under her belt, including many recognitions and awards for her contribution made to the Liberian Entertainment Industry. Indeed, Grace Hawa Weah a.k.a. Master Queen has become a household.

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  • Saykwayee H. Henry

    Kids Development Initiative



  • Veria Rogerlyn Woodson

    Connie Fire Starter


  • Salamartu Duncan

    Liberia Chamber of Commerce

    Secretary General

  • Hannah Daye




  • Grace Hawa Weah





Saturday, September 21, 2019
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM UTC


  • Joseph S. K. Pambu Jr

    Startup Grind Monrovia


  • Alfred C. Kargbo

    Startup Grind Monrovia



  • Joseph S. K. Pambu Jr.

    Wireless Technology Lab

    Chapter Director

  • Ousmane Barry

    Soya Aluminuim & Soya Hub

    Chapter Coordinator

  • Alfred C. Kargbo, Jr.

    CHERSOLA Ventures, Inc.

    Chapter Co-Director


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