@ DF Bob Dorf,Vicente Fenoll,Jesus Mtz (Startups)

Jun 16, 2015, 11:45 PM – Jun 17, 2015, 3:00 AM

EBC Campus Dinamarca, Calle Dinamarca 32 (esquina con Hamburgo) Col. Juárez, Delegación Cuauhtémoc , MEXICO CITY, 06600

Bob Dorf is likely the second most knowledgeable Customer Development expert on the planet, second only to its developer and Godfather, Steve Blank. Vicente Fenoll is the founder of Kubo Financiero and is considered a pioneer in the Mexican microfinance. Jesus Martinez is founder of Enviaflores and transform a two-person team to one of over 85 employees and thousand of orders monthly.

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    En esta ocasión tenemos un evento muy especial dedicado 100% a Scaleup en Startups. Para esto contaremos con 3 invitados de lujo: Bob Dorf is likely the second most knowledgeable Customer Development expert on the planet, second only to its developer and Godfather, Steve Blank. Together the two spent nearly two years conceiving, outlining, drafting, rewriting, and revising the global bestseller, The Startup Owner's Manual, now a business bestseller in the U.S. and many countries around the world. A serial entrepreneur, Bob left a lucrative broadcasting job at the age of 22 because he had a passion to start his own company, which he did seven times over three decades. Bob’s track record as a founder, as he says: “two home runs, two base hits, and three great tax losses.” Bob invested in and coached or advised more than two dozen startups over more than a decade. Seven of them IPO’ed, while six went “straight into the toilet.” In all, he says, “an incredible 42 year entrepreneurial education!

Vicente is considered a pioneer in the Mexican microfinance sector and has found a way to translate his socially minded concerns into a successful business venture. FinComún’s products are designed to be accessible: savings accounts have a minimum balance of US$1, and loans start at US$25. By offering a full range of financial services to Mexico’s marginalized urban populations, FinComún has become one of the largest private microfinance institutions in Mexico City.

FinComún has grown very quickly since selection, and has been the subject of case studies at MIT and Harvard.

Jesús Martínez Larralde has worked on the concept of EnviaFlores since 2001, starting out at a time in which e-commerce in Mexico was virtually non-existent. After a period of incubation and quiet work on the project, he decided to dedicate himself to the enterprise full-time in July 2007. He thus embarked on a full-fledged endeavor to build what today is Mexico’s leading flower and gift delivery site. EnviaFlores’ original two-person team has now expanded to one of over 85 employees. Moreover, through its partnerships with hundreds of Mexican florists, it indirectly employs over 800 professionals. The company processes 1,200 orders a week, including floral arrangements, balloons and other gifts.

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  • @ DF Bob Dorf,Vicente Fenoll,Jesus Mtz



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