The Future of Product Management

Thursday, June 10, 2021, 4:00 – 5:00 PM UTC

We will be hosting Paul Ortchanian, CEO of Bain Public specialized in product planning and roadmapping. After holding leadership roles at Bay Area startups and high growth organizations like WatchMojo - helping establish product functions, as well as large strategic consulting companies such as Edelman where he organized product-led initiatives across national/regional offices.

About this event

Product Management has come a long way since the days when it was indistinguishable from marketing or project management. The success of startups and large tech companies, such as Google and Amazon, combined with the rising profile of product leaders led to a growing appreciation for the discipline. At its best, modern product management has become a holistic discipline that functions at the intersection of business, design, and technology to help teams drive towards product/market fit.

Join us in our fireside chat on June 10th to learn more about product management, with Paul Ortchanian who has delivered disruptive benefits to companies like WatchMojo, Metro, LiveScale, Enkidoo and Blaise. Bain Public has also been providing workshops for startups in partnership with accelerators like Holt Fintech Accelerator, Techstars, NextAI and Founder Fuel.

About Bain Public

Bain Public is a product leadership firm that helps companies make informed decisions and deliver superior quality products that appeal to customers and achieve business goals. We offer a variety of blog posts, e-books and approaches designed to help you understand your digital strategies and establish elements of the product roadmap in the fabric of your business. A lack of strategy in planning your products is accompanied by a lack of focus and direction, which means things can quickly get out of hand. We step in to assess, clean up, and eliminate friction between people and processes to stimulate the organization and maintain focus on creating quality products. For more information, visit or call 514-442-8487.

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