The Fintech Frontier: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Oman’s Financial Future

Jun 9, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

British Embassy, Mina Al Fahal 116, Muscat, 1234

Join us as we network and explore the future of fintech in Oman with this series of interactive roundtable discussions featuring an array of voices from across Oman’s fintech ecosystem.

In-person event

About this event

The fintech sector in Oman is rapidly evolving, presenting a wealth of opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs and innovators. As the country embraces digital transformation, questions about regulatory frameworks, investment landscapes, and the integration of emerging technologies into traditional financial systems are becoming increasingly critical. Stakeholders across the ecosystem are keen to explore how Oman can leverage fintech to enhance financial inclusion, drive economic growth, and position itself as a regional hub for financial innovation. This dynamic environment calls for collaborative discussions and strategic thinking to navigate the future of finance in Oman.

'The Fintech Frontier: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Oman’s Financial Future' aims to address these pivotal questions through a series of mini roundtable discussions, which will also provide an excellent opportunity to network with others working in the fintech space in Oman. Hosted at the British Embassy Muscat on Sunday, 9th June 2024, the event will bring together a diverse array of voices from across Oman’s fintech ecosystem. Entrepreneurs, industry leaders, policymakers, and investors will share insights and engage in meaningful dialogue to chart a course for the future of fintech in Oman. This gathering promises to foster collaboration, inspire innovative solutions, and build a strong foundation for the growth of the fintech sector in the Sultanate.

Guests will rotate between mini roundtables, each hosted by a member of the Startup Grind team or a guest speaker who is actively engaged in the development Oman' fintech space, including esteemed representatives from the private sector and fintech startups. The discussion will focus on the direction of development of the fintech sector in Oman, including opportunities and challenges and Oman’s role in the wider regional fintech ecosystem.

There are limited spaces available for this event. If you are working or interested in the fintech sector in Oman and are unable to secure a ticket, please email and she will put you on the waitlist.

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  • Laura Cretney

    Startup Grind Muscat




Sunday, June 9, 2024
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM UTC


  • Laura Cretney

    Startup Grind Muscat



  • Mo Salah

    Startup Grind

    Chapter Director

  • Nadeen Al-Towaiya

    Marketing Specialist

  • Laura Cretney

    Startup Grind

    Chapter Co-director

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