Every Founder/ Creator/ Freelancer Deserves Support with Jasmine Douglas (Founder, Babes on Waves)

About this event

When a founder is confident, assertive and productive, the world needs to stand aside to make way for them.

Startup Grind Nairobi’s Betty Nabangala will interview Jasmine Douglas (founder, Babes on Waves) about the importance of joining or starting business communities as a way to build confidence, grow your network and stay accountable to your goals.

Jasmine has been a content creator, a podcaster, and now, she runs Babes on Waves, an online business membership for millenial & gen-z female entrepreneurs, primarily Womxn of Colour.

Come learn about how Jasmine:

1.) Built a first-of-its-kind Business Club for female founders, freelancers & creators who want to build confidence in business.

2.) Monetized Babes on Waves in the middle of a pandemic and grew to 60 members within 2 months!

3.) Is equalising the unlevel playing field in business for Womxn of Colour (WoC) and underrepresented founders (80% members are WoC)

4.) Continues to create value that keeps her growing community sustainable and close-knit.

See you there! #StartupGrind


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