16 April|南宁创业者下午茶 Afternoon tea of Nanning startup entrepreneurs

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Fri, Apr 16, 2021, 3:00 PM (CST)

About this event


创业磨坊(Startupgrind, https://www.startupgrind.com) 南宁站最近刚成立,这是南宁站的第一次线下聚会。我们希望南宁的企业家、创业者以及相关行业的朋友能聚在一起,交流创业经验,互相学习。并讨论如何创业磨坊南宁创业社区持续成长。

时间:2021/4/16 下午3:00





你是如何开始创业的? / How did you start a startup?







严河存, River 创业磨坊南宁站组织者、QPython App作者以及优趣天下 (一家互联网技术创业公司)创始人,18年互联网行业经验。


请通过活动行报名,完成报名后,添加联系人微信 (yhc-startup) 进行确认 ,留言 SGNN meetup 3


About the activity

Startupgrind(Startupgrind, https://www.startupgrind.com) Nanning chapter has established recently, this is the first offline meetup of SG Nanning chapter. We hope that the entrepreneours, startups and practitioners in related industries in Nanning can get together to exchange entrepreneurial experiences and learn from each other. And discuss how to promote the continuous growth of SG Nanning.

Time: 2021/4/16 3:00 PM

Location: We will notify in the WeChat group

Get support: Please add wechat contact: yhc-startup

Other: the registration fee includes a cup of coffee

Our topic

Every participant will share stories about himself and entrepreneurship

If you are an entrepreneur, we would like to listen: your background and experience, what motivated you to start your current project, and how is it progressing now?

For non-entrepreneurs participating in the conference, we would like to hear: your background experience, what field of entrepreneurship are you focusing on, do you have any entrepreneurial stories that you are familiar with to share?

About the organizer

Startupgrind Nanning:https://www.startupgrind.com/Nanning/

About the host

Yan Hecun, River, the director of Startupgrind Nanning chapter, the author of QPython App, and founder of Youqutianxia (an Internet technology startup company), with 18 years of Internet industry experience.

How to apply

Please register through the huodongxing. After completing the registration, add the WeChat contact (yhc-startup) with a comment SGNN meetup 1 to confirm 


Friday, Apr 16
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (CST)


Four seaons One city
Four seaons One city Nanning538000

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