2022/7/17 15:00 / Web3 workshop for 南宁技术创业者

Jul 17, 2022, 7:00 – 10:00 AM

starbucks, Four seaons One city, Nanning, 538000

Web3是实现完全去中心化的应用的协议栈。有了这个去中心化的技术栈,我们就可以开始构建去中心化的应用,这些应用有其自身的意义和特点。 这些特点包括: - 去中心化的网络基础设施 - 拥有(数据和平台)的所有权 - 本地数字支付 - 自主的身份 - 分布式的、无信任的、强大的基础设施 - 开放、公共、可组合的后端 这次,我们想通过举办一场web3的workshop来带你领略web3技术的风采,帮助您真正走入web3的精彩世界

In-person event

About this event


创业磨坊(Startupgrind, https://www.startupgrind.com) 南宁站是致力于凝聚南宁创业者、企业家的成长社区。我们希望南宁的企业家、创业者以及相关行业的朋友能聚在一起,交流创业经验,互相学习。并讨论如何创业磨坊南宁创业社区持续成长。

时间:2022/7/17 下午3:00

地点:进聚会微信群后通知 (初步定为南宁青秀绿地星巴克)



Web3 workshop:将会带你从0到1地了解和使用web3技术




严河存, River 创业磨坊南宁站组织者、QPython App作者以及优趣天下 (一家互联网技术创业公司)创始人,18年互联网行业经验。


请通过活动行报名,完成报名后,添加联系人微信 (yhc-startup) 进行确认 ,留言 SGNN meetup 3


About the activity

Startupgrind(Startupgrind, https://www.startupgrind.com) Nanning chapter has established recently, this is the first offline meetup of SG Nanning chapter. We hope that the entrepreneours, startups and practitioners in related industries in Nanning can get together to exchange entrepreneurial experiences and learn from each other. And discuss how to promote the continuous growth of SG Nanning.

Time: 2022/7/17 3:00 PM

Location: We will notify in the WeChat group (Starbucks of Nanning Qingxiu Greenland Central Plaza)

Get support: Please add wechat contact: yhc-startup

Our topic

Web3 workshop: We are going to step into the web3 world, which you can change the world a lot.

About the organizer

Startupgrind Nanning:https://www.startupgrind.com/Nanning/

About the host

Yan Hecun, River, the director of Startupgrind Nanning chapter, the author of QPython App, and founder of Youqutianxia (an Internet technology startup company), with 18 years of Internet industry experience.

How to apply

Please register through the huodongxing. After completing the registration, add the WeChat contact (yhc-startup) with a comment SGNN meetup 1 to confirm 

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Sunday, July 17, 2022
7:00 AM – 10:00 AM UTC


  • Yan River


    Chapter Director

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