We are Hosting Ahmad Masroor (Time Global)

Nov 30, 2021, 1:00 – 4:00 PM


Ahmad Masroor Founder of ( Time Global, 100 Startups Club,Institute of Mass Employment Generation,Repaying Nature) an economist, business analyst, ERP Consultant, Expert in , iot, mobile app, Growth hacking, technical recruitment,SaaS based product development

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About this event

To achieve big success, solve big problems" ~ Jack Ma.

This quote has really helped Masroor to achieve rapid career growth since 2008 when He started his career as a Research Assistant Until now when He is running 4 companies of including a think tank focused on global unemployment crises.

By the end of the Day What Matters are Number of People you have inspired and added value in their lives and what legacy you are leaving behind. How you lived to make this planet earth a better place to live.

The evolution of Masroor's career has been mostly with rapid experimentation of online business models, since 2008 to 2012, He was into web engineering. Since 2012 he started job in a Software and IOT engineering firm where he developed products with web portal, mobile app, iot, electronics and solved many social or environmental issues while being economically viable.

Since 2013 He started his entrepreneurial journey and Founded 25+ startups many of them failed but one company Time Global which is a technology business consulting firm having around 10-25 employees kept on growing, while other startups failed one after another.

Ahmad Masroor an economist, business analyst, ERP Consultant, love mapping organizational processes and applying automation as much as possible using software, iot, mobile app features. Growth hacking, technical recruitment and SaaS based product development are his secondary passion. He is a talent hunter, rather a talent sniper,  always thirsty for energetic young talent, to whom he hire immediately and utilize them in organizational growth.

In parallel to commercial activities, He build endowment funds to Sustainably solve social and Environmental issues.

He visit and adopt remote deprived villages by using his economic intuition to spark a self sustaining circular distributed micro economy so people can grow and eat their own food and at least solve hunger issues and focus on quality of life.

Mr. Ahmad Masroor recently started a think tank called "Institute of Mass Employment Generation" to research and advocate unemployment solutions globally. Adding more He have founded an environmental conservation agency called "Repaying Nature" to make our planet earth a better place for the upcoming generations.

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  • Ahmad Masroor

    Time Global



  • Rana Muhammad Imran

    SG Chapter Director Okara Pakistan

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