We are Hosting Shuja Ul Hassan Founder Stem Educators

Friday, June 25, 2021, 1:00 – 4:00 PM UTC

Shuja ul Hasan is a STEM enthusiast from Lahore working on an EdTech venture by the name of The STEM Educators for promoting skill-based learning at the earliest level of education in Pakistan and also for kids all over the world.

About this event

Shuja ul Hasan is a young entrepreneur from Lahore who has had the pleasure of working among some of the established contributors to Education in Pakistan. He is passionate about bringing developments in skill based learning at the earliest level of education. His startup offers courses on topics such as programming, game development and robotics for kids of ages 6 and above. He also kickstarted a smart kids club in Jeddah for kids of the international community to learn these skills in a playful and fun environment. He believes that if people still don't take these subjects as seriously as the conventional subjects being taught in our schools, it would be a tragedy for the millions of kids in schools right now and then we also have to work for the millions who are not even able to afford the basic education.

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