Fitting into a new market : lessons from Alibaba’s startup-like expansion in France with Kevin LIU.

Wed, May 27, 2020, 1:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

Expanding to foreign markets is never an easy fit, and having a huge home market is not making it easier! Chinese companies have tried to ‘Go Global’ with more or less success. Benefiting from 2 decades of experience, Chinese tech companies are creating their own strategies to go abroad. Alibaba’s expansion in Europe is one of these success stories. 

How did Alibaba manage their ‘Go Global’ Strategy? As one of the founding members of Alibaba office in France, Kevin Liu will share his experiences around the challenges and key learnings when it comes to international expansion, and how Alibaba worked similarly to a startup in an Agile way to fit into a new market. With 15 years of experience in European and Chinese companies, Kevin will also share his insight about the differences between the corporate culture in Europe and China and the best ways to adapt a company into a new environment. 


作为阿里巴巴法国分部的创始成员之一,Kevin Liu将会分享中国的科技巨头如何像创业公司一样在新兴国际市场发展的故事和经验。Kevin拥有在欧洲公司和中国公司长达十五年的工作经验,还会给我们带来对中西公司文化差异的独到见解,以及如何适应新的市场环境的经验总结。

Potential questions 可能聊到的问题

Story of Alibaba France: a mirror of international expansion of Chinese companies?

  • The difference between corporate culture in France and in China
  • Big company, Startup insights
  • Internationalisation in a “Chinese way”
  • What is the internationalisation strategy of Alibaba (in terms of organisational structure and business structure)
  • Key learnings and future prospects 


  • 欧洲和中国企业文化之间的差异
  • 大公司的背景,初创公司的做事方式:科技巨头出海的正确姿势
  • “中国特色的”国际化进程
  • 阿里巴巴的国际化战略是什么(在组织结构和业务结构方面)
  • 下一阶段展望和未来前景



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