Innovation from above? CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and the impact on the Fintech ecosystem

Saturday, May 2, 2020, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM UTC

Innovation from above? CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and the impact on the Fintech ecosystem 上层革新?央行数字货币及其对金融科技生态的影响

About this event

Fintech has seen great disruptions in the past ten years. Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and now CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) should no longer be buzzwords, but rather commonly understood tools for moving and making money. In the past Startup Grind Chengdu events, we have dived into different coins and chains. This time, with China officially launching CBDC pilot projects, we are excited to have invited professor George Giaglis, expert and scholar in this field, to clear up some confusions once and for all and tap into a more advanced fintech world.

过去十年,金融科技经历了巨大变革。区块链、加密货币和央行数字货币都已不只是吸引眼球的时髦词汇,而是日常使用的交易工具和手段。成都创业磨坊过去的活动中,我们曾经讨论过多个“币”和“链”。而在中国官方发布央行数字货币试点项目的当下,我们荣幸地邀请到了George Giaglis教授,数字货币领域的知名专家学者,为我们拨开迷雾,带领我们初窥未来金融科技世界。


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About the topic 关于话题

With the launch of several Central Bank Digital Currency pilot projects in China, our goal is to give entrepreneurs, innovators, managers, students and more generally people interested in the cryptocurrency/blockchain space the keys to understand these new developments. Professeur George Giaglis will give us a philosophical, strategic and geopolitical view of the ramifications of these pilot projects in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space. Be one of the first to have actionable insights about this new trend!

时值中国官方发布了多个央行数字货币项目试点项目的当下,我们希望帮助创业者、投资人、管理者、相关学科的学生和研究者,以及对加密货币/区块链感兴趣的其他听众理解相关领域的最新发展动向。George Giaglis教授将以形而上的、战略性的、地缘政治敏感的视角,带给我们对加密货币/区块链领域未来的展望。和我们一起领先一步吧!

Potential questions 可能聊到的问题

What is CBDC, compared to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether?


China launched the first pilot CDBC with some cities and banks. What about other countries?


Comparing Europe to China’s approaches to digital currencies. What are the potential impacts on the two regions?


How will CDBC affect the global currency and their influences, e.g. RMB vs USD?


Are there new opportunities for startups to follow the disruption? Examples?


About Institute for the Future at UNIC

The Institute for the Future (IFF) is a cross-disciplinary research institute founded by the University of Nicosia to explore how exponential technologies, like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, influence our economy and society. IFF supports academic programs (MSc Digital Currency), professional training, research and conferences (e.g. Decentralized) to prepare students, business leaders and policy makers for the coming changes.

The Institute for the Future (IFF)是The University of Nicosia创建的一个多学科研究学院,专注于研究如区块链和人工智能这样具有指数型增长潜力的科技将会如何影响我们的经济和社会。IFF提供学术课程、专业训练、研究课题和学术会议(如Decentralized)来帮助学生、商业领袖和政策制定者做好准备,应对变局。

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