Start small, think big with Diomedes Kastanis

Thu, May 21, 2020, 1:00 PM (CEST)

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Start small, think big with Diomedes Kastanis


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A match made in heaven: Corporations are increasingly needing innovation to stay relevant and competitive while innovative startups need clients, support & advisors. However, because of differences in culture, approach, size and power, it is often difficult for two entities to create a win win situation. Together with Diomedes Kastanis, entrepreneur & executive for Global 500 companies, we will explore how both corporations & startups can have meaningful interactions & collaborations.

Diomedes accumulated more than 20 years of experience in technical and leadership roles such as CTO @ Microsoft Services APAC, Head of IoT @ Singtel or Head of Innovation @ Ericsson. He has extensive knowledge of IoT & networking, has several patents and is a Board Member for several highly innovative startups. He has been on both sides of the table. As a startup, getting deals & an exit to a Fortune 500 company, and as a corporate, fostering innovation & interfacing with startups.

Disclaimer: Diomedes Kastanis is participating in our event in his own capacity, not as the CTO of Microsoft Services APAC. Views expressed by Diomedes are his own and do not reflect the opinions or view of Microsoft.

天生一对:大企业越来越需要创新来保持可持续发展和竞争力,而初创公司需要客户、帮助和指引。但由于文化、方法、规模和影响力的差异,两种形态通常很难有双赢的局面。我们将与企业家以及世界500强高管Diomedes Kastanis一起探讨大企业和初创公司如何进行有意义的互动和协作。


免责声明:Diomedes Kastanis仅以个人身份而非微软服务亚太区CTO作为我们的嘉宾。Diomedes表达的是他自己的观点,并不是微软的观点。


Interview Language: English

Event Platform: Zoom

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