Maria Luna (Bravo Pay)

May 28, 2020, 1:00 – 2:15 AM


What happens when an inspired entrepreneur goes on a vacation and has no way to tip for services? She goes home and creates a solution: Bravo Pay. Join us to learn how Maria Luna, CEO & Co-Founder of Bravo Pay, overcame extreme poverty and fulfilled her life long goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Learn how she and her team have continued to innovate and connect communities.

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About this event

Maria Luna, Co-founder & CEO of Bravo Pay, joins us virtually on Wednesday, May 27th to share her founder's story.

BRAVO Pay helps creators and service professionals of all types to make a living doing what they love. Tens of thousands of users ranging from musicians, gamers, podcasters, service industry professionals, and many more have led us to a new, updated version of the BRAVO Pay app to be released in a few weeks. What was once about one-time quick payments has expanded their capabilities to support artists and creators and their fans in the virtual world. BRAVO is here to help now more than ever, during the period “social distancing” while industries and artists feel the pinch of a wounded economy.

Maria is inspirational as a leader starting with her own personal story. She overcame extreme poverty and was the first member of her family to go to college. Maria aims for a higher purpose beyond just making a profit. She encourages open discussion of ideas and mutual respect. She recognizes that all stakeholders are important (employees, customers, investors, and the communities she serves). She actively looks for win-win-win propositions and to build a better ecosystem in Arizona for startups. Her expertise in lean operations and building functional teams makes her a great leader.

Maria constantly volunteers to help other entrepreneurs (especially women and minorities) and is a great contributor to the startup ecosystem in Arizona. Maria makes herself available to help young entrepreneurs and students looking forward to exploring the entrepreneurship world. She also volunteers her time fundraising for several Non-For-Profits including Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center, the Chiquita Chihuahua Foundation, the Sisterhood Extravaganza, Discover Her, C-CAP, and many other organizations.

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