Startup Grind: Phoenix Volunteer & Ambassador Meet-Up + Coworking Giveaway

Wednesday, September 1, 2021, 12:30 – 1:15 AM UTC

Join the largest startup community in the world as a Phoenix ambassador. Hear Startup Grind Phoenix's vision for the future and ways you can be involved as a servant leader in your community. This event features local coffee, free coworking passes, and a book giveaway to those who attend.

About this event

Phoenix Startup Grind is back in action.

Startup Grind is the world’s largest community of startups, founders, innovators, and creators. We are looking for passionate individuals committed to entrepreneurship in THE Valley as we begin our first in-person events in over a year! We are giving away leadership books along with free coworking tickets to those who drop on by. Simply RSVP below (be sure to toggle the "Add me to this local chapter for future event updates" button)!

Join the largest startup community in the world as an ambassador in the Arizona community.  This first event is for those interested in volunteering, attending, and hearing SG Phoenix’s vision for Arizona. If you wish to engage as a leader and volunteer in your Startup Grind community, attend! 

Q: Do I have to be located in Phoenix to volunteer?

No! Whether you moved to Arizona yesterday or were born and raised, if you can come on down, come on down! 

Q: I can't make it, who can I connect with?

Connect with Luke and Dom! We can find some time for coffee or for a 5-minute call.

Q: What are you looking for when it comes to volunteers?

While startup/business experience is valued (no better way to learn!), we are interested in finding startup leaders at every level. Whether you prefer crunching data by yourself, networking with angel investors, or being a door greeter, drop-on-by! Bonus points if you are a part of any trade/commerce/startup orgs.

Q: I want to be a speaker or be a sponsor!

Please connect with Luke and Dom before you arrive since the event is mainly for volunteers. We are limiting our number of sponsorships and speakers this year due to our accelerated timeline.   If you believe that you want to volunteer at a more executive level and donate, be it in-kind mentorship, products, or even money, connect with us!

Q: I am interested in interning should I come?

Yes. We take internship interest case-by-case. We have a limited number of spots for these positions.

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