We are hosting Morrad Irsane ( Melltoo )

Wed, Dec 30, 2020, 8:00 PM (GMT+3)

About this event

Morrad Irsane is a lifelong entrepreneur who was born in France and built and sold businesses in Los Angeles and Paris. He’s studied human behavior across multiple continents and loves to meet and learn from people. He’s lived in the UAE since 2005 and relocated to Saudi since 4 years.

He has been raised in a family of 15, buying and selling secondhand has always been a way of life, so much so that his mother made a business out of it. Through her business, she built a 13-room house, one for each of her children, and became one of the first angel investors in her village. Inspired by his illiterate mother’s entrepreneurship journey, Morrad built his business to model his mother’s, only this time, he made it digital. Melltoo, a secondhand ecommerce platform connects buyers and sellers within a community of trust, making it easy and fun to buy and sell used items online. This is how Melltoo was born.

Today, Morrad works hard to build Melltoo as a company with a triple bottom line, PPP, people, planet and profit. In addition to helping people buy and sell secondhand to reduce waste and promote environmental sustainability, Melltoo also helps transform in-kind donations of electronics to cash for charitable causes. Individuals and businesses can donate their electronics through the program and Melltoo will sell it with 50% of sale proceeds going to selected cause.



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