Cashing In on your Side Hustle by Tom Fecteau

Thu, Nov 5, 2020, 5:30 PM (EST)

About this event

The movie Field of Dreams is popular for “build it and they will come”. That has actually been the mantra of all types of inventors for centuries, and now this phrase is owned by the tech community (modernized) “build an app and ye will be rich”. Despite logic showing us repeatedly how false that statement is, we are humans and hope can not be quashed by mere logic. So, what is the first major deviation that takes a cool idea down a path of effort, energy and resources but ultimately falls off a cliff or gets stuck in a dead-end street vs. similar resources yielding that rarer thing we label success? Those that understand the “big” value your app serves, and those that are willing to ask others and risk learning that there may be a lesser value, are the ones most likely to succeed. Once it’s clear to you, and you know how to communicate that value in a manner meaningful to others, success becomes a high probability. In this short event we will dig in to “value”, people, and communication to stack the deck in your favor.

So, who is Tom? During my college years I discovered (with the help of a couple great professors) a natural ability to understand why people and processes would work, or not work. After several years chasing “corporate success” a chain of circumstances (aka failures) led me to a company with a cause to turn the profession of selling on its head. To be of value to this company I studied human behavior, brain science, and completely reframed my thinking about “sales”. That resulted in coaching over 200 start-ups to success. ** And I’m hoping my insights can help turn your dreams in to reality. 


  • Tom Fecteau

    Tom Fecteau

    Epic Ventures Group


    Hi, my name is Tom Fecteau and I am originally from the Rochester, NY area, currently residing near Syracuse. I have decided to bring my 30 years of knowledge and experiences back to serve the greater Upstate New York business community. My mission is to influence the growth of sustainable businesses in this region to bring back the prominence and individual reward that was once enjoyed by s...

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    Thursday, Nov 5
    5:30 PM - 6:30 PM (EST)

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