The Meatless 'Meat' Revolution: a Fireside Chat with the Co-Founder of Karana

Thursday, October 7, 2021, 1:00 – 2:00 AM UTC

Join us on the morning of Thursday, October 7th at 9am SG time for a discussion with Daniel Riegler, Co-Founder of Singapore based foodtech startup Karana - Asia's first whole plant based meat brand.

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Join us on the morning of Thursday, October 7th at 9am SG time for a discussion with Daniel RieglerCo-Founder of Singapore based foodtech startup Karana - Asia's first whole plant based meat brand. 

Alternatives to meat are nothing new, but in recent years we have seen a rise in substitutes for meat and animal proteins that actually taste like...well, meat. 

With the popularity and commercial success of other companies and brands striking a tone with non-vegan and non-vegetarian consumers who aimed to work more vegetables and plants into their diets, Daniel and Blair set off in 2018 from Singapore to create a whole-plant based meat brand that is an alternative to the second most consumed meat in the world: pork. 

Karana's first product is made from young jackfruit. Delicious and sustainable, the whole-plant based ‘pork’ offers an alternative that can be enjoyed without compromises (and trust us, we've tried it - it's phenomenal). They've now brought their product to market and you can now find Karana in select restaurants in Singapore and Hong Kong

So how did they get the idea and get the company off the ground, clearing logistical and scientific challenges? Join us for this special "breakfast" fireside chat to find out!

About Karana:

The KARANA story starts with a simple mission: to make delicious whole-plant food you wouldn’t feel guilty about eating more of. Lots of plant-based products are healthy and sustainable, but they are not exciting or inspiring – and they aren't something you’d crave.

Karana is deeply passionate about transforming the food industry to address climate and environmental issues, so they set out to make sustainable taste amazing. Nature makes plenty of plants with incredible meat-like textures, and for their first ingredient, they zeroed in on the king of meaty plants: the jackfruit.

It’s a massively under-utilised resource, with an excellent sustainability profile and huge potential as the ingredient in a ton of great dishes. There were jackfruit products on the market, but Karana knew they could make them taste even better, so they got to work on researching and developing Karana’s first products which are on the market today.

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