AI Future-Talk with Elin Hauge (AI Expert)

Friday, August 25, 2023, 9:00 – 10:00 AM UTC

Welcome to our fireside chat with AI expert Elin Hauge - AI and Business Strategist, Professional Speaker and Board Director.

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About this event

AI has taken the world by storm.

Are we ready for it? How can we use it in our everyday work? What will the future look like? How will it transform the startup industry?

There are many questions on our minds about AI. 

In the startup community, we are seeing an unprecedented investor interest in this space which is already driving founders to create new solutions with AI at the center.

Welcome to our fireside chat with Elin Hauge, AI and Business Strategist, Professional Speaker, and Board Director.

In this fireside chat we discuss:

⭐️ How is AI evolving in the current technological landscape and what are the most significant trends shaping its development?

⭐️ As AI continues to advance rapidly, what are some of the key challenges and opportunities it presents for businesses, governments, and society at large?

⭐️ In the context of startups, how has AI become a major focal point for investments and innovation, and what potential does it unlock for these emerging businesses?

⭐️ As AI becomes more prevalent in startups, what are some common strategies to balance innovation with ethical considerations and ensure responsible AI deployment?

⭐️ From a broader perspective, what role does AI play in shaping the future of work, and how can startups harness AI to enhance productivity and efficiency?

⭐️ Looking ahead, what are the most exciting and transformative applications of AI across various industries, and how might this reshape the way we interact with technology in the future?

⭐️ Lastly, considering the fast-paced advancements in AI, how should policymakers approach regulations and guidelines to balance innovation with societal well-being?

Moderated by Naimul Abd - Regional Director Nordics at Startup Grind.

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  • Elin Hauge

    AI & Business Strategist | Professional Speaker


  • Naimul Abd

    Founder (Nutty Ventures)

    Regional Director Nordics (Startup Grind)


  • Naimul Abd

    Startup Grind

    Regional Director Nordics Startup Grind