Democratizing Mental Healthcare w/ John Drakenberg Renander (Alex Therapeutics®)

Fri, Jan 20, 12:00 PM (CET)

About this event

40% of all premature deaths result from poor behavioral patterns.

Our habits are literarily killing us and mental health disorders are more common than ever.

Welcome to our fireside chat with John Drakenberg Renander, Co-Founder & CEO of Alex Therapeutics® which is on a mission to democratize healthcare through Psychology, Design & Technology. They are a dedicated team of psychologists, engineers and designers determined to improve lives by providing digitally delivered, high-quality care to millions of people. Alex Therapeutics was founded by John Drakenberg Renander, an entrepreneur by heart with a degree in both Psychology and Business, and Oliver Fleetwood, PhD in Theoretical Computational Molecular Biophysics. The company is backed by the King founders (Candy Crush) through the VC firm Sweet Studio.

In this fireside chat we discuss:

⭐️ How can we break the stigma of receiving help for mental health?

⭐️ What's the best way to improve access to healthcare?

⭐️ What's the big why behind Alex Therapeutics® and where is the company headed?

⭐️ What's it like building a health-tech startup?

⭐️ How do you stick together as founders through thick and thin?

⭐️ How do you raise money from investors (Alex Therapeutics® recently raised €3.5M from top tier VC investors to advance expansion in Europe and the US)?

⭐️ John has a passion for supporting entrepreneurs and he mentors founders across several programs including the Founder Institute Nordics pre-seed accelerator - what are his tips for building a startup around your skills and passion?

⭐️ Audience Q&A and open-mic!

The discussion will be moderated by Naimul Abd, Business Advisor & Partnerships Lead at Coompanion Stockholm, serial impact entrepreneur, Regional Director Nordics at the Founder Institute, and Director Startup Grind Stockholm.


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Brought to you by

  • Naimul Abd

    Naimul Abd

    Coompanion Stockholm

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